'Vampire Diaries' to Resurrect One Original Vampire

'Vampire Diaries' to Resurrect One Original Vampire

After being stabbed by Elena, Klaus' sister Rebekah 'is going to come back to bite her in the butt.'
Although Elena has stabbed Rebekah in the back, it doesn't mean people won't see her anymore. Executive producer Julie Plec reveals that the Original sister played by Claire Holt will be back in the second half of "The Vampire Diaries" season 3, both in a flashback and in the present day.

Rebekah's return will make Elena feel uneasy because "the fact that Elena killed Rebekah is going to come back to bite her in the butt." Plec goes on teasing, "I'm not going to say when she makes her reappearance, but certainly her being undaggered is not in Elena's best interest."

Dishing on how Rebekah will be seen when she wakes up, Plec gushes, "She ain't gonna be happy." She adds, "She doesn't like to be duped, she doesn't like to be betrayed, and she certainly doesn't let anyone get the one-up on her, which is what Elena did."

The show's co-creator also hints that Rebekah will not get along well with the Mystic Falls residents. "The funny thing about the Originals as villains and antiheroes -- they're very similar to how Damon used to be...," she says. "Just when there's an emotional connection being forged, either one of our heroes literally stabs them in the back, or they do something destructive to destroy the relationship."

As for Rebekah's brother Klaus, Plec explains why fans will not see him softening anytime soon. "Klaus isn't ruled by love the way that Damon, even in his darkest moments, is ruled by love. Love is Damon's achilles heel. For Klaus, his achilles heel is his fury, his rage at having been unloved or not properly loved," she elaborates.

"Every time he gets a moment where we can see his vulnerability, the very act of him feeling vulnerable triggers that rage. His response, his fight-or-flight response, is to get angry and to act out and to be hostile and manipulative and evil. With one comes the other."

Beside Rebekah and Klaus, some other members of the Original family will make appearance in the remainders of this season. Caspar Zafer and Nathaniel Buzolic have recently been tapped to play Klaus' brothers, Finn and Kol respectively.

"TVD" will air its new episodes starting Thursday, January 5 at 8/7c on The CW.

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