Offer to Bring Cheryl Cole Back to the British 'X Factor' Withdrawn

Cheryl Cole

After the axed 'X Factor (US)' judge becomes uncontactable, TV executives reportedly decide to end interest to have her back on the U.K. version of the reality show.
"The X Factor" bosses are reportedly losing interest to have Cheryl Cole back to the reality show. Following her firing from "The X Factor (US)", TV executives were said giving her an offer to return as a judge on the U.K. version, but she has become uncontactable.

"That's it. Cheryl will not be returning to the British X Factor. People have been trying to speak to her and persuade her this would be a good idea, but she's been uncontactable," a source told Daily Mail. Moreover, the Girls Aloud star was rumored blowing her chance to return to the show by snubbing Simon Cowell's calls.

Words are, Cole was given a deadline to decide whether or not she would return to the U.K. "X Factor" on Saturday night, May 28, with Cowell telling her, "Do you want another job on more money? It's a question: yes or no?" But the 27-year-old beauty was apparently still distraught as a friend of hers reveals that Cole said, "I've been used. Why put me through it? It's cruel," after she was axed from the U.S. version.

But the show execs will not beg to Cole as the show is claimed to be more than just about the judges. "The brutal truth is that no one is bigger than the show - not Cheryl and not even Simon," a close associate of Cowell told News of the World. "We have a huge show and we need to get on the road on Wednesday and we needed to know if Cheryl was coming with us. We have bent over backwards for Cheryl and she hasn't engaged with us. She is out. That's showbusiness."

Tulisa Contostavlos of hip hop group N-Dubz has now signed up to sit on the judge panel, joining Take That singer Gary Barlow, former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland and longtime judge Louis Walsh. The show is scheduled to start production this week.

Cheryl Cole was reported being sacked from "X Factor (US)" due to her thick Geordie accent, with Nicole Scherzinger being said as a replacement. Another judge Paula Abdul, however, claims she had no idea regarding Cole's departure, reasoning she was traveling when the news broke.

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