Kimberly Caldwell Talks 'Without Regret' and 'American Idol' Outcast Pia Toscano

In this interview, the former contestant of 'American Idol' additionally shares to AceShowbiz about her celebrity crush and her passion in fashion.
Eight years after graduating from "American Idol", Kimberly Caldwell is finally set to release her debut studio album "Without Regret". She worked with acclaimed musicians like Kara DioGuardi and Chad Kroeger in it. She wields her full-throttle belt to maximum effect on a series of emotionally resonant, pop-inflected rock songs, several of which she co-wrote.

Kimberly is going to drop the effort across the United States on April 19. In an exclusive interview with AceShowbiz, she talks about the upcoming effort, saying that she's excited to share her new music with fans. Beside talking about the album, she also discusses her favorite contestants of this season's "Idol" and her celebrity crush.

ASB: Your album "Without Regret" is coming in April. How do you feel about it?

Kimberly: Finally! Definitely glad I took the time I did to make the album I'm really proud of that really represents me so no regrets!

ASB: How did your experience in "American Idol" help you work on this album?

Kimberly: I've been performing my whole life and all the experiences have given me the work ethic and vision I needed to create this record. I'm very proud to have been a part of "Idol" in particular because it got me to Hollywood and put me where I need to be to do what I need to do. Entertain!

ASB: How did it feel to work with renowned musicians like Chad Kroeger and Kara DioGuardi on this album?

Kimberly: As soon as I heard "Heart Like Mine" I knew it had to be a part of the album because it sounds like it was written for me. I can't believe I'm. A writer on the same album as those two pros.

ASB: Your first single was "Mess of You." We heard you co-wrote the video storyline, so please tell us about it.

Kimberly: I think "Mess of You" is not about someone messing you up, I think it's about not letting yourself mess yourself up. I've made a mess of myself and I think we all have, that's why I loved the concept of having two of me...a hopeless romantic verses her wised up alter-ego. We shot the video at the stunning Roosevelt Hotel and it was a pretty magical day. I jumped in the pool with all my clothes on after we wrapped.

ASB: You did a good job in "Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys". It's a really fun song. What is it about?

Kimberly: I loved this song right off the bat. I have 5 little sisters and I try to teach them that when you are truly yourself and not following desperate and stupid trends that's when you are at your coolest. We shot at a club in LA called Las Palmas and it was randomly the first club I ever went to with Ruben [Studdard] on "Idol". My little sister and best friends played my crew in the video so it was very special.

ASB: Among music veterans out there, who do you take your music inspiration from?

Kimberly: I grew up in Texas and was raised in country music. The Judds, Reba [McEntire], Vince Gill and Randy Travis inspired me back then and still do. I was introduced to powerhouse women like Pat Benatar, Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt and Heart and I fell in love! I knew that I wanted to own a big voice with a message.

ASB: As an "American Idol" alum, what do you think about this season's new judge line-up?

Kimberly: I think this year is fun and refreshing! I heart Steven Tyler and I want to borrow all his clothes and J.Lo definitely knows what she's taking about and she always look smokin' hot!

ASB: Is there any contestant that already becomes your favorite?

Kimberly: I think this years finalists really stepped it up vocally and they really have passion this year! Jacob [Lusk] is flawless and Pia [Toscano] is on her game but it's up in the air!

ASB: Any advice you want to share for those competing in the show now?

Kimberly: Just own it and get out there and do your thing without inhibitions. Your there because you belong there.

ASB: Who is your celebrity crush?

Kimberly: I love real guys...but if you are gonna twist my arm, Robert Downey Jr. is pretty rad.

ASB: We notice that beside music, you also have a passion in fashion. What do you say about designing your own clothing line?

Kimberly: I say yes! I enjoy clothes but I love cheap clothes! My favorite thing to do is flea market shopping, antiquing, and going to garage sales. I have found the best one of a kind pieces for very little money. If I made my own line I would love to sell it at Target where everything is cool and affordable. I would for sure have an accessory line because that can make an outfit.

ASB: Please leave a message for your fans at AceShowbiz and tell them why they should buy your album.

Kimberly: Thank you to everyone for remaining so loyal over the years and supporting me on all I do. This album really is a look inside my head and my heart and I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Cheers!

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