Comic Con 2010: 'Supernatural' Season 6 Scoops

Comic Con 2010: 'Supernatural' Season 6 Scoops

Expect a Jensen Ackles-directed episode, more monsters, a female relative of Sam and Dean, and also 'Tinkerbell'.
Occupying Ballroom 20, the "Supernatural" panel at San Diego Comic Con this year continues the tradition as one of the most entertaining and funny panels. Packed to the brim, the panel brought in lead stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki who missed last year's Con to catch up with the filming.

Like usual, the audience were given a feature video first which is about Bobby Singer and the demon slash angel Crowley. Bobby wants his soul back from the demon but Crowley tells him to read the contract carefully where it was specified that he would "use best effort", meaning he wants to but can't. That is before Crowley realizes that he's trapped inside a symbol circle drawn on Bobby's floor.

The cast then entered the stage and immediately gave away what to expect from season 6. "We're getting back to the basics, to what we all fell in love with in the beginning," Ackles said. Producer Sera Gamble went for the specifics, saying "There are more monsters this season. The last couple seasons has been a lot of apocalypse stories, we got epic, then we were like 'we really wanna shoot some monsters in the face', so we're [doing that] and for the first time our myhtology loops monsters in."

There will be an episode which will be directed by Ackles. Speaking of the experience, the actor said, "It was a lot different than I'm used to. As an actor I've been approaching these scripts and only having to make creative decisions on one character, but as a director you have to do that for every word on every page. It was very cool."

Padalecki admitted that he is still in the dark as to how he would get out of Hell. "I'd love to know too. I have absolutely no idea. That's my answer," he said, adding that it would be a question for the producers. Jim Beaver also talked about his character, saying "The way this works, Hell will probably freeze over before Bobby gets a girlfriend. Bobby and Crowley are gonna have their confrontation. I can pretty much assure you that the kissing days between Bobby and Crowley are over."

Meanwhile, Ben Endlund said there will actually be a "fairy" episode. "We have to be very careful - little people will be involved," he revealed. "I'll be on pins and needles until we get our defamation suit out of the way. I see a moment where perhaps the boys have to fight a tiny pinprick of light that is ultimately Tinkerbell."

Gamble confirmed that there will be more female elements in the new season. Sam and Dean's relative from their mother side, a Campbell, will appear and also Cindy Sampson's Lisa Braeden. As for whether the boys' dad, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, would ever re-appear, Gamble said, "Have you seen that guy's schedules? We love him, we love the character, we're wide open. Of course we are, we're not stupid! But he's a very busy man."

The last hint of season 6 brought out to the table is that of Dean. "We pick up a year later. He's domesticated, living a somewhat normal life. It'll be how he gets pulled back into this situation and dealing with the past," Ackles spilled. Before the panel ended, a gag reel of season 5 which is included in the DVD/BluRay version was played.

"Supernatural" returns September 24 on The CW.

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