Cristiano Ronaldo Had Son With American Waitress Through One-Night Stand

Cristiano Ronaldo

New report claims the baby boy of the 25-year-old football star is the result of a one-night stand with a penniless American waitress whom he seduced.
New report on the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo's baby has emerged. According to the Sunday Mirror, the baby, named after his football star father, is the result of a one-night stand with a penniless American waitress.

Portuguese footballer Ronaldo reportedly paid the baby's mama 10 million pound sterling to keep her identity secret and hand the baby over to his family. When first announcing that he has become a father, he claimed the young woman "prefers to have her identity kept confidential."

On how Ronaldo and the waitress ended up having the one-night stand, a friend of Ronaldo's told the site, "Ronni looked the girl in the eye and said extremely directly: 'Me, you, f*** f***.' She was taken aback and just said, 'What!' She didn't actually understand what he meant. She was totally nonplussed."

"The window by his table was steamed up, so he drew a love heart on it with his finger. Then he said, 'Me, you, kiss,' and the penny dropped," the pal continued. "That's typical Ronni - he pretends his English is terrible when it suits him, and he comes straight to the point. It was just yet another one-night stand and Ronnie assumed he would never see her again."

Ronaldo and the woman slept together at his hotel later that night and when she discovered she was pregnant she allegedly tracked him down through his agent, Jorge Mendes. Ronaldo later agreed to a DNA test and provide support for the mother and the child if it is proven to be his. The friend said, "Cristiano was told the result while he was away at the World Cup."

"Ronni is a multimillionaire playboy, but when it comes to family, he's very much his mother's son," the friend continued. "They are a close-knit, traditional-Roman Catholic family and the minute paternity was established there was absolutely no doubt that Ronni would be doing the right thing."

When it came to the baby's mother, the friend revealed, "The child's mother would be properly provided for to enable her to live a life in keeping with the upbringing the child will have. Ronni has not decided whether to involve the mother in his son's life. He thinks he might tell him who she is."

"(Ronaldo's mother) Dolores' view is that if the child eventually decides to make contact with the mother, it is important she is living an affluent lifestyle," the pal added. "It would offend Dolores for the child to find his mother living in poverty."

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