'Sex and the City 3' May Visit London

Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon

The third installment of the dramedy movie series has not been confirmed yet, but director Michael Patrick King would love to shoot the movie in England.
After picking Abu Dhabi as the set for "Sex and the City 2", director Michael Patrick King comes out with an idea to take Carrie Bradshaw and her friends to another country should the next film is made. Speaking to Mirror, the show's creator says that he would love to film "Sex and the City 3" in London, England.

"We will come to the U.K., I promise. If this film ['Sex and the City 2'] does well then London is definitely the venue for us," Michael says at the after-party for 'Sex and the City 2' London premiere. Offering an explanation for the possible plot of the third film, he reveals, "At one point Carrie was going to move over to London for a work assignment anyway."

Crediting British people for their support to "Sex and the City 2", the 55-year-old filmmaker states, "We all see it as our spiritual home for the show. The support from the fans has been wild and we'd love to come here and film." He is also optimist that there will be another sequel for "Sex and the City" although it has not been confirmed, saying "Obviously we'll have to see how we do this time around, but I'm hoping the third will happen."

Echoing King's hope is one of the lead actresses Kim Cattrall. Speaking to MTV, the depicter of Samantha Jones has previously said, "I don't know if there will be a third. I hope there will be. I think there's more stories to be told. That's totally his [Michael's] call."

She added, "Well, I think the only way it will continue is if Michael feels there's more to be said. I think once we start repeating ourselves, it's time to say goodbye. Maybe that's in five years, maybe that's in 10. Who knows? I hope we can do it for as long as the audience is there and the characters are interesting and growing and changing."

The latest installment of the drama comedy film series, "Sex and the City 2", has just been debuted in the U.S. on May 27. The film follow Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends who have a vacation in the sandy country while they are finding themselves in-and fighting against-the traditional roles of marriage, motherhood and more.

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