Celine Dion Won't Stop Trying to Get Pregnant

Celine Dion

"Actually, we are all set. We are going back to the same people, the same doctor in New York and it's a big process," says the singer of her and husband Rene Angelil trying for another IVF treatment.
After a failed in-vitro fertilization (IVF) last month, Celine Dion told Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell in a new interview that she won't give up and will keep trying to get pregnant again. "We were [pregnant], it was positive. And yes it was, so for about four or five days later, then with the blood test, they found out that it was going down a little bit and it was not staying," she says of report that her IVF treatment was unsuccessful.

The pop singer goes on explaining, "So it happens you know, in life in general, people who are not on TV, and newspapers, they go through this all the time and most of the time would not even know that they were pregnant for three or four days, because it was just delayed a little bit. But maybe they were and they would never find out." She continues, "Because of the treatments I have, I have blood tests a lot and so we found out I was [pregnant] and then it didn't stay and that is why we are trying again" adding that she and husband Rene Angelil "are trying to have a second child and we hope to be blessed again as parents. That would be amazing."

"Actually, we are all set. We are going back to the same people, the same doctor in New York and it's a big process. I'm sure people that go through in-vitro (fertilization) know how much it takes and it demands, but I'm good," the songstress reveals in optimism. "I feel strong and honestly, we're very blessed. We have a wonderful child, we're extremely happy. It's not like, 'Oh my god, she's not pregnant and she's depressed.' You know how it works. We are great. We hope for the best, we hope to get pregnant. If it happens, it happens."

Asked about how her 8-year-old son Rene Charles Angelil, who was also conceived by IVF after six years of trying, responses to news that her attempt to get pregnant again didn't work, Celine recounts, "When we announced to him that we were pregnant and then it didn't work out, he said, 'Wasn't it supposed to be 100 percent sure." She continues, "I said it was 100 percent, but it's nature and it didn't work out and he was looking at me and he said, 'Are you going to try again?' I said, 'Yeah, we are going to try again.' He knows exactly what we are doing, so he's great."

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