Justin Bieber Talks Dating and Fans Flashing Him Their Bras

Justin Bieber

"It's not something that's cool for them to do," the 15-year-old pop singer says of female fans flashing him their bras.
Justin Bieber gives Details magazine a look into his personal and professional life by talking about fans and dating among other things. When dishing on his love life, he admits he is currently dating no one, but had had girlfriends in the past. "I've had girlfriends - nothing really, really serious, but I've had girlfriends. My first was when I was, like, 12 or 13. A month later, we broke up. I had that little stomach pain for a couple of days, but then I was cool," he recalls, before then jokingly adding, "Now I'm waiting for Beyonce [Knowles] to call."

Speaking of fans, the pop sensation goes on talking about his youngest and oldest admirers, revealing "I met a six-month-old baby. I've got some young fans, but the majority of them are like 14, 15. My mom's like 35, so she's my oldest fan." When the topic switches to female fans who flash him their bras, the 15-year-old singer comments, "I mean, I don't mind it. Just kidding - it's not something that's cool for them to do. There was this one girl in Seattle - I didn't even see her - she runs at me, tries to give me a hug and tackles me. It was really aggressive and scary."

From there, Justin then addresses what the magazine mentions as "the whole teen-pop scene." And he has this to say, "I think some of it is corny, but that's just me. I just think that if you're a musical artist you should do something that appeals to all ages. I mean, I have songs that are about love, but I have songs that are about everyday life and stuff that people can relate to. When I was very young my parents split up, and that was hard on me. So I have a song that talks about that. I want to have a career, not just a hit."

In addition to those topics, Justin also talks about his hairdo, befriending Justin Timberlake and his girlfriend Jessica Biel, and becoming a trend setter. His full interview can be read on Details.

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