Exclusive Interview: Honor Society on New Album and Touring With Jonas Brothers

Exclusive Interview: Honor Society on New Album and Touring With Jonas Brothers

Honor Society describe 'Fashionably Late' as a funky, cool pop music album with a rock band vibe and they call the experience of touring with Jonas Brothers as dream comes true.
Honor Society exclusively tell AceShowbiz about what they have to offer in their upcoming debut studio album "Fashionably Late". Also, this band share what it was like to hit the road with Jonas Brothers and what part they have in "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel" film.

The band, who want to work with Jordin Sparks for a future collaboration, are set to release their first studio project in United States on September 15. In a bid to promote the effort, they will travel across the country for a roadshow, starting from September 13 to December 31.

ASB: How did you guys band together?

Honor Society: Initially, Michael Bruno and Jason Rosen were friends who had wanted to start a band. We all met through a series of mutual friends. It really was like all the pieces fell into place once we all met. We knew right away that this was who the band was going to be.

ASB: You chose to name your band Honor Society. Any special meaning to this?

Honor Society: The name was chosen because we think it best describes the brotherhood of our band both as friends and musicians. It's also a cool way for us to include our friends and fans. We want people to think that they can also be part of Honor Society.

ASB: How did you land a deal with Jonas Group?

Honor Society: One of our EPs that we released a little over a year ago [A Tale of Risky Business (EP)] found its way to them. They really liked what they heard so they came out to check a few live shows. We all hung out a few times and there was this instant creative connection.

ASB: About your new album "Fashionably Late", what were the challenges in getting it done?

Honor Society: There weren't really all that many hurdles actually. It was a pretty easy process thanks to both the Jonas Brothers and our producer, John Fields. It was incredible to have the Jonas Brothers come in a co-write and -produce a few songs too. If anything, first albums are always hard in that you have this lifetime of material, of music that you have to whittle down to about 12 songs. Cutting some of the songs that you have been performing for so long was a little bit of a challenge.

ASB: Since this would be your debut album, what kind of idea do you want to deliver to your fans about the band?

Honor Society: From the beginning when we started the band, we all had a very clear idea of what we wanted Honor Society to be and sound like. We kept that at the front of our minds as we recorded the album. The album is something that we are proud of and it definitely represents us. It's a funky, uptempo rock album and we hope people like the vibe.

ASB: If you are given a chance to make a duet with any musicians, who do you want to tag?

Honor Society: Jordin Sparks. She is this incredible vocalist and we became such good friends during this summers' tour. It would be outstanding to get in the studio with her.

ASB: Please finish this sentence: Hitting the road with Jonas Brothers was ....

Honor Society: ...The summer of our lives. Really. It was a dream come true to be part of such world class entertainers as the Jonas Brothers and Jordin Sparks.

ASB: Your upcoming Fashionably Late tour is kicked off on Sept. 13, what kind of preparation have you done?

Honor Society: We learned so much performing on such a huge tour this summer. Especially in terms of how to play in front of audiences that ranged from 15,000 to 50,000 people. We have learned to take that same energy and focus and apply it to the club scene. We'll be rehearsals leading up to the first show and I think we have some cool things in store that people are going talk about.

ASB: Rolling Stone named you as one of the breakout bands to watch from 2009 Bamboozle Fest, how do you feel about that?

Honor Society: Rolling Stone is such an incredibly important publication that to even be mentioned is such an honor. We are all from the New Jersey and New York areas and I remember going to that show when I was younger. It was crazy to play there for the first time and be on the main stage where I used to watch all my favorite bands.

ASB: We heard that you have a part in "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel", tell us about your part in there!

Honor Society: We have a scene in the film and we are playing ourselves as the band Honor Society. It's a cool scene. We also have a song on the soundtrack. What was really cool was being able to be on set and see for the first time what goes on to produce a film. It's pretty amazing.

ASB: You also recorded a song for movie "Bandslam", how did you you get involved with that film?

Honor Society: The song was brought to us actually. We jumped at the chance especially since we liked the song so much. Plus it was an opportunity to shoot our first music video.

ASB: If you are once again given an opportunity to write a song or involved in any movie project, which film do you want to make contribution to?

Honor Society: So far this year, we have been involved with three different movies and they have all been difference experiences. What we would really like to do is get in on the ground floor and score a movie. Not necessarily with pop songs but more cinematic or orchestral music. That would be cool.

ASB: Personally, do you all have the same character traits?

Honor Society: Well, we are all really good friends and see eye to eye. But there are little quirks that distinguish each of us.

ASB: With you being teenage idols, how have the female fans been treating you?

Honor Society: I guess good so far! But all the fans, not just the female fans, have been so amazing. They have really embraced us and each show around the country had such a distinctiveness to it. We can tell you something different and unique about each show and that was a really interesting and cool part of being able to tour nationally for the first time.

ASB: Please give a shout out to your fans in AceShowbiz and tell them why they should buy your album.

Honor Society: Hey everyone at AceShowbiz! Thank you for speaking with us. We have waited our whole lives to put out this album and we hope you like it. We are so proud of all the hard work that went into it and how far we have come as artists. Our early fans will see the growth in the music and new fans will get to experience a funky, cool pop music album with a rock band vibe.

Look forward to Honor Society being picked up as AceShowbiz's Artist of the Week on September 14.

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