Sneak Peek to Tokio Hotel's 'Automatic' Music Video

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel take fans to South African desert where they shoot a music video for their new single 'Automatic'.
A footage taken from the filming location of Tokio Hotel's "Automatic" music video has been found. Beside showing a desert somewhere in South Africa, it also provides commentary from the band's members about their experience in shooting the video and recording their new album.

"I had the worst night of my life," frontman Bill Kaulitz shared to MTV. "Yesterday, it took me so long to fall asleep, and lately weird things happen .... I'm in this dozing state, and while that is happening, I was having inner-dialogues and telling myself, 'Oh, God, still not sleeping. ... Need to turn over and fall asleep fast, because I have to get up at 9 A.M. tomorrow morning.' But while I think about that, I'm actually asleep already."

Bill's brother and bandmate Tom Kaulitz, meanwhile, commented on the recording process of the song and the whole album. "We recorded in two different studios right in L.A., we did some recordings in Miami and we were also somewhere close to Hamburg - a studio in a tiny village and we also recorded right in Hamburg," the guitarist gushed.

"The production itself took almost a full year. It felt quite long but we certainly didn't take it easy and relax during the process. I don't think there was a day we didn't use to work on the album. At least we listened to different mixes and thought about how to make them better. Throughout the day, we were busy writing songs and working on the album. Doing all of it was so worth it."

"Automatic" is the lead single off the band's upcoming studio project "Humanoid". The song is expected to be brought out for digital purchase on September 22, while the album is scheduled to be released across United States on October 6. The song's music video hasn't got any premiere date though.

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