Update of Investigation Performed on David Carradine's Death

Family of David Carradine reportedly have asked FBI to help investigate the mysterious cause of the late actor's death as they want to prove that he didn't commit suicide.

AceShowbiz - The case of David Carradine's sudden death gets more complicated as his family has called upon the FBI to further investigate the mysterious death of the Oscar-nominated actor soon after his remains were flown back to U.S. this weekend. Mark Geragos, an attorney for David's brother Keith Carradine, confirmed in an interview with "Larry King Live" on Friday, June 5 that his client already met with FBI officials in Los Angeles to get into the bottom of David's death cause.

"They want an investigation," Mark said. "I would think that the people in Bangkok would want to support an investigation and allow the FBI to go over there and assist in the investigation so we can get the answers to the questions."

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimilller, meanwhile, informed People that U.S. officials have contacted the FBI's legal attache at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok "to determine if the Thai authorities are requesting or would welcome FBI assistance in this matter." Still according to Laura, FBI has no jurisdiction to investigate case happening in other countries, but occasionally offers assistance investigating the deaths of Americans when foul play is suspected or when the family request such intervention. So far, there hasn't been official statement issued by officials in Bangkok, Thailand regarding the matter.

Keith "wants authorities to investigate his brother's death, and to determine if anyone else was involved," Mark elaborated, adding that the sketchy details surrounding David's death are "troubling" his family. It is understandable then that the family would like the FBI to review all the evidence, including the surveillance footage which was said to be indicating no one entered or left David's hotel room during the time he passed away.

David Carradine was found dead in his luxury suite at Bangkok's Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel on Thursday morning, June 4 by a hotel maid. His body was in the nude and was in a sitting position, with a yellow rope wrapped around the neck and attached to a closet bar. Speculation has since emerged on the possible causes of his death, ranging from suicide attempt to solo sex act that went wrong. His family and management, however, denied he committed suicide.

Results of the autopsy performed in Bangkok are expected to be coming out in the next three weeks. Meanwhile, David's remains have been transported to U.S. on a United Airlines flight that left Bangkok at 6:50 A.M. Saturday, June 6.

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