Preview of Soulja Boy on Snoop Dogg's 'Dogg After Dark'

Soulja Boy

Snoop Dogg interviewed and gave advices to Soulja Boy who is the guest in his MTV talk show, 'Dogg After Dark'.
Soulja Boy continues to fight for his existence with an appearance on Snoop Dogg's "Dogg After Dark", and a preview of it has been available. The 18-year-old rapper was invited by the older rapper to talk about his coming of age and what comes next after being an Internet sensation in 2007.

Snoop asked Soulja how his success from producing his own music and moves through the Internet takes effect later on. Soulja said, "We're dealing with Hip-Hop in general. I think you know the Internet is the way to go, you know what I'm sayin'. Ever since I came on the scene, with 'Crank That', on YouTube, MySpace, all different Internet sites, we got all other rapper following me."

Snoop also gave his approval of taking advantage when it's possible, and he mentioned that Soulja inspires him. "Keep going with what you do. I support what you do, I love you," Snoop told Soulja.

The episode will air on Tuesday, March 10 on MTV.

Speaking of his rather young show, Snoop explained to HipHopDX how it's different from the rest. He said, "So my show couldn't be like (Jay) Leno, (David) Letterman or (Jimmy) Kimmel with me sitting behind a desk, interviewing a guest and drinking a cup of water. That would be boring. My thang gotta be movin' and groovin' and flowin'."

"I'm constantly having new, up and coming guests and also having old school actors like Fred Williamson, who was The Hammer. He paved the way for black actors and directors. Then we'll let a young artist like Soulja Boy get down. That's what we do-we appeal to everybody."

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