NBC's 'Heroes' Renewed for Fourth Season

While NBC give a thumb up, producer Bryan Fuller will prepare the third season finale of 'Heroes' open for another season.

AceShowbiz - The departure of several staff and the declining ratings, do not make NBC lose faith in "Heroes". The show will go on with the fourth season, producer Bryan Fuller and entertainment president Angela Bromstad confirmed.

To EW, Fuller said that the talks of another season has been brewing for some time. "We've spent a lot of time in the writers room talking about what season 4 is going to look like," he said. In fact, the third season finale will be left open-ended to accommodate a story for the new season. He continued, "Basically, the last act of episode 25, similar to what's been done in the past, opens up a new chapter of Heroes. It sets up arcs for a variety of characters."

On what kind of story may be underneath the fourth season, Fuller elaborated "We set all the pieces up in terms of Claire's attitude and what her trajectory is going to be in season 4. You will have a very strong idea by the end of this season's final episode where Claire is going and what's going to be happening with the Petrellis."

Giving a similar tone, Bromstad said during The Hollywood Reporter's annual Q&As that "Heroes" will indeed be renewed. The network however, have only decided on 18-20 episodes for the new season.

Additionally, the execs also have another plan of giving the Monday night slot a boost, a new series called "Day One". Bromstad said, "'Day One' is a big event, and we're looking at that to come into the 'Heroes' spot. It's right now being looked at as a 13-episode run - something people could commit to and we could make a big splash with."

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