Video Premiere: Lady Sovereign's 'So Human'

Video Premiere: Lady Sovereign's 'So Human'

In 'So Human' music video, Lady Sovereign shows what happens if a celebrity trips on her step and falls to the floor during a red-carpet event.
A music video to promote Lady Sovereign's new track entitled "So Human" has been outed. Spoofing celebrity's appearance on the red carpet, it features the time she attends a red-carpet event in a casual outfit. While she is enjoying a conversation with a reporter, a supposed-to-be celebrity walks in but accidentally slips and falls to the floor just right in front of her.

"So Human" is a song sampling The Cure's 1985 single "Close to Me". Released in U.S. on February 3, the track will be included in Lady Sovereign's sophomore studio album "Jigsaw", which marks her first experiment with Auto-Tune.

Lady Sovereign will drop "Jigsaw" in U.K. market on April 6 under her own label Midget Records in a global partnership with EMI Music Group. Commenting on her decision to release the record via her own label, she said, "I feel great now. I feel like I've overcome all my dark times. I get to pick who I want to work with. No one can tell me off or make me do things because I'm the boss."

Lady Sovereign's "So Human" music video

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