First Six Minutes of 'The International' for Viewing Pleasure

First Six Minutes of 'The International' for Viewing Pleasure

The first six minutes of 'The International' reveals Louis Salinger's investigation taking a bad turn when his colleague drops dead near Berlin's Central Station.
A couple days before "The International" opens wide, the first six minutes of the espionage film has been made available to view. Courtesy of MSN, the video focuses on Clive Owen's Louis Salinger and Ian Burfield's Thomas Schumer as they try to get information over the illegal activities done by International Bank of Business and Credit.

The thriller begins with a close-up shot of Salinger who despite the rain stays vigilant on watching the parked car in front of Berlin's Central Station. Inside the car, Thomas Schumer is seen talking to who seems to be an informer. Pressing to get his evidence, he arranges for another meeting with the man behind the wheel before getting out of the car.

However, before Schumer can get across the street to meet Salinger, he gets a heart attack and falls down to the ground. Seeing it, Salinger quickly makes his way towards Schumer, but gets knocked unconscious while crossing the crowded street. After he is examined by a doctor, he asks to see Schumer's body and soon finds out that Schumer's death is not caused by a common heart attack.

Centering the story on Interpol Agent Louis Salinger and Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Eleanor Whitman, "The International" follows the two as they attempt to uncover the money laundering and illegal arms trading done by one of the world's most powerful banks. Following the money from Berlin to Milan to New York to Istanbul, they soon find themselves putting their lives at stakes to bring justice.

Based on an original screenplay written by Eric Singer, the thriller is helmed by Tom Tykwer and starred by Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, Armin Mueller-Stahl and Ulrich Thomsen among others. It has opened the 59th Berlin International Film Festival on February 5 and will be hitting the U.S. big screen this Friday, February 13.

"The International" - First Six Minutes:

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