'Alice in Wonderland' Stays Classic Without Losing Its Freshness

Tim Burton

Director Tim Burton opens up about what he has in mind on the 3-D part live-action, part computer animated movie project as well as Johnny Depp' involvement as the Mad Hatter.
Having "Alice in Wonderland", a new animated feature project, under his sleeves, awards-winning director Tim Burton openly shares his ideas on the Walt Disney movie with Los Angeles Times while chatting about Spike TV's Third Annual Scream Awards "Scream 2008". In re-imagining the flick, he states, "It's a funny project. The story is obviously a classic with iconic images and ideas and thoughts. But with all the movie versions, well, I've just never seen one that really had any impact to me."

"It's always just a series of weird events. Every character is strange and she's just kind of wandering through all of the encounters as just a sort of observer," he explained, further adding what he is aiming for with the film. "The goal is to try to make it an engaging movie where you get some of the psychology and kind of bring a freshness but also keep the classic nature of 'Alice.' And, you know, getting to do it in 3-D fits the material quite well. So I'm excited about making it a new version but also have the elements that people expect when they think of the material."

When asked about Johnny Depp's involvement as the Mad Hatter, Burton comes quick to comment how easy to persuade the actor to play an "oddball". "He loves doing (oddballs)," Burton stated. "That's never a problem. He doesn't like to be the same way twice. That's good, it always keeps it fresh and all. And he likes the material we have here and he gets it. It's nice to have people involved that are fans of the material and all." The complete interview with Burton can be read at Hero Complex's Los Angeles Times.

"Alice" is set to be a 3-D part live-action, part computer animated movie. Scripted by Linda Woolverton, the story will follow the adventure of Alice in a magical world filled of peculiar and anthropomorphic characters. Production is scheduled to start in November for March 5, 2010 release, while Mia Wasikowska is attached as the titular character, and Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Matt Lucas and Michael Sheen are supporting.

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