Angelina Jolie Passes Down Knife Obsession to Maddox, Buys Him Knives

Angelina Jolie

Inheriting her love for knives from her late mother Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie is passing down the obsession to her adopted son Maddox and buys him some.
Covering the November 2008 issue W Magazine, Angelina Jolie reveals in an interview with the publication that she has bought her 7 year-old son Maddox knives. Passing down her knife obsession to the boy, she proudly admitted to have shared the same obsession with her late mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand.

"My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12," Jolie recalled her memory, adding "And I've already bought Maddox some." On buying the young boy the stuff, she ensured the knives aren't sharp edged so they won't be dangerous and that she has given him lesson about violence. "We also talk about samurais and about the idea of defending someone as good. We talk about everything," the celebrity mother stated.

Having an obsession with knives for so long, Jolie admitted in an interview back in 2003 she once had a relationship that involved ritual self-mutilation when she was still a teenager. "I got knives out and had a night where we attacked each other ... it felt so primitive and it felt so honest ... and then I had to deal with, you know, not telling my mother, hiding things, wearing gauze bandages to high school," she revealed. However, she is no longer involved in such conduct now that she's a mother of six children.

Jolie is pictured in the cover of W magazine's November issue breastfeeding presumably one of her twin babies, Knox Leon or Vivienne Marcheline. She's seen smiling to the camera with her blouse is pulled down, exposing part of her left breast with little fingers touching it. The cover shot, black-and-white, has been all over the net beginning from October 8. It is one of a number of Jolie's pictures that are snapped by her longtime partner Brad Pitt. The other exclusive pictures of Jolie, snapped by Pitt and featured on the upcoming issue, have been posted on W's official website.

The November 2008 issue of W magazine that features Jolie's full interview will hit the newsstands next Tuesday, October 21.

In other Jolie's news, she has been chosen the first in Forbes magazine's second annual analysis of the Top-Selling Celebrity Faces. The list is compiled by counting how many issues the celebrities' cover sold in the market compared to the magazine's average newsstand sales. Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Richie also make the list.

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