Mischa Barton Dumps Boyfriend Taylor Locke

Mischa Barton

The couple fought almost everyday during their recent trip to Africa and that made the actress to rethink about the future of their relationship before finally decided to split with him.
Mischa Barton is single again as she is reported to have dumped her boyfriend Taylor Locke. In Touch Weekly, which broke the news, claimed she ended her relationship with the Rooney guitarist on September 5, shortly after they had a three-week safari trip to Africa.

Mischa and Taylor have been dating for five months, but their romance actually "worked because they spent so much time apart," a source told In Touch. "He'd be on tour or she'd be working in Europe and they talked over the phone or e-mail," the source explained.

On their split, the source stated that hardly spending much time together before the trip makes it hard for the couple to get along during the excursion. Spending most of her time with Taylor made the actress to rethink about the future of her relationship with him. "They fought almost every day on the trip," the source testified. And so, Mischa finally "broke up with him just a few days after they returned to L.A."

Mischa and Taylor were first spotted stepping out together as a couple in March 2008. They were snapped having lunch in West Hollywood. During their outing they reportedly were also seen kissing.

In other Mischa news, she has just launched her own range of hair accessories which she created in partnership with designer Stacey Lapidus. The new line, which is called Mischa Barton for Stacey Lapidus, offers a range of headbands in materials that include silk, feathers, crystals and pearls.

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