Knife Scene Cut Out From 'Lakeview Terrace'

Knife Scene Cut Out From 'Lakeview Terrace'

Since Kerry Washington's character appears to lose her mind, a knife-threatening scene from drama thriller 'Lakeview Terrace' has been chopped out.
A gripping scene involving Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and a knife has apparently been eliminated from the up-and-coming drama thriller "Lakeview Terrace". Report on the matter claimed that the particular footage has been put aside because Washington's character who supposedly should be the sane one looks like she is losing her mind.

Confirming the matter, the "Ray" actress opened up about the scene where she threatens Jackson's character with a knife. "It got removed," gushed the 31-year-old. "Samuel L. Jackson follows me back into my house and I seduce him to the point where he is drawn in and then I threaten his life with a knife."

She then explained further stating, "The producers felt like, at that point in the film, my character was the only sane one and they needed her to stay sane in the mix. She was losing it." Though the scene was chopped out, she has no regret shooting it. "But it was fun to shoot, to hold a knife up to Sam," so the New York-native said.

On another news regarding "Lakeview", Jackson has recently expressed his disappointment over the lack of topless girls in a scene of the Screen Gems's flick. Complaining about the big bachelor party scene to ShowBizSpy, he revealed, "But it is a PG movie, so there aren't any titties. We have three strippers at the party, and none of them have their top off."

"How does that work? I'm like, come on! You could show the girl from the back, with her back bare. At least it gives a sense that she was naked. You can't just show them in their bras and panties. You have forty drunken cops in a house with three strippers? And nobody is naked? I don't f***ing think so!"

Starring also Patrick Wilson, "Lakeview" resolves its story on a young couple who has just moved into their dream house only to meet with harassment from their next-door neighbor who disapproves of their interracial marriage. Getting sick of the neighbor's watchful eyes, the two plan to fight back but the action soon turns to tragedy. Directed by Neil LaBute, the movie is coming out on September 19.

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