American Idol's Kevin 'Chicken Little' Covais Strips Down in 'College'

American Idol's Kevin 'Chicken Little' Covais Strips Down in 'College'

The 'American Idol' season five contestant is going to take off his clothes in one of the scenes in his first movie 'College'.
Making his feature film debut through teenage comedy "College", former "American Idol" finalist Kevin Covais will bare more than just his acting skills. The fifth season contestant who was nicknamed 'Chicken Little' has confessed that he will be seen taking off his clothes in one of the movie's scenes.

"I strip down to my underwear in the movie," the 19-year-old told MTV. He further joked about the appeal of his daring performance suggesting that it should be used for the promotional of the Deb Hagan-directed film. "Seriously, they should put that on the poster," he said. "See me stripped down to my tightie whities - how can people not go?"

Speaking out more about "College", he deemed that the adventures he faced in the movie are insane. "It really pushes some boundaries," he claimed. "We do body shots off of a guy, I think people are going to think how'd they get through that one - the infamous bearcat. There's a nice pig farm scene, we get to mess around with some pigs in the mud. This movie is in a league of its own."

Scripted by Dan Callahan and Adam Ellison, "College" tells the tale of three high school students who seek for the best weekend of their lives when they visit local college. Initially welcomed by the warm-hands of the rowdiest fraternity boys, the three soon find out that they are up for humiliation when they catch the attentions of some sorority girls. Unwilling to bow down to the threats thrown by the older guys, they plan an elaborate scheme to fight back.

Starring Drake Bell as the recently dumped Kevin, Andrew Caldwell as the obnoxious Carter and Covais as the skinny nerd Morris, the Lionsgate Films' flick is screened starting on Friday, August 29. It is also supported by a string of young actors, including Nick Zano, Zach Cregger, Gary Owens, Ryan Pinkston, Haley Bennett, Camille Mana and Nathalie Walker.

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