From the One Who Has Seen 'Star Trek' First Cut

Harry Knowles of AICN has been given a chance to see some footages from the upcoming 'Star Trek' movie and he shared what he has seen.
Compared to the other much anticipated movies, "Star Trek" may be one of few that has done a pretty good job in guarding its plot line and other little details that may hint any spoiler to the film itself. Though many fans and sci-fi movie lovers are wondering how the eleventh film will look like, not much has been really shared. Still, amidst the anticipation comes a flicker of light with a report from Harry Knowles of AICN sharing what he has seen of the prequel and what should be expected.

Getting a special chance to get a look into some of "Star Trek" footages which are still in the editing room, Harry indicated that from about the 7 minutes of different clips showed, the unfinished footages have presented a promising look for the film. At one part, he praised J.J. Abrams' work on making the Enterprise's bridge to look real. "For the first time in the history of Star Trek, [the bridge] looked amazingly functional. It echoes that classic Trek look - but imagine if you handed that design to the folks at APPLE and said...Make it really work," he commented.

Adding to that remark, he wrote "I instantly believed in the functionality of everything. That's hard to quantify, but it is true. Remember when you saw the war room underground on Hoth in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK? How it just felt functional - that's what this looked. And it looked Star Trek, without looking as cheap as Star Trek. It was a tech-fetishists wet dream." The complete report in which Harry described other scenes can be read at AICN.

Chronicling the early days of Captain James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members during their time at Starfleet Academy, the latest movie from the "Star Trek" franchise features the likes of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Winona Ryder, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Eric Bana, Leonard Nimoy, John Cho and many others. The Paramount Pictures' film which script is provided by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman has been set for May 8, 2009 release.

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