'The Strangers' Revealed Three Haunting TV Spots

'The Strangers' Revealed Three Haunting TV Spots

Suspense movie fans are given a treat by horror specialist Rogue Pictures as they revealed three new TV spots of their latest thriller starring Liv Tyler on the net.
Rogue Pictures have given ways for suspense thriller movie's fans to get a better look into their upcoming "The Strangers" as they revealed three brand new TV spots for the movie about a romantic retreat turned nightmare online. The three spots share the same amount of viewing time, but pick up three different themes to introduce the film starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman.

Though containing many frightening scenes similar to the earlier trailer, the spots offer much more haunting compilations of clips which are entitled distinctively "Reminder", "Anytime" and "For Certain" to give an idea about each footage. The first less than a minute video, "Reminder", bring up the tagline stating, "What would you do if this was happening to you" accompanied with scattered clips showing the two main characters desperately trying to escape the terror they are in. The second one likes its name noted that "At any time...in any home...your worst fear could come true" and it gives out a more mysterious feeling towards the film, whereas the last hinted that the two leading characters do not survive the terrible night.

Claimed to be inspired by true events, "Strangers" is a horror film from director/scribbler Bryan Bertino. It follows the story of a young couple, Kristen McKay and James Hoyt, who take refuge at Hoyt's family vacation home for a romantic night on February 11, 2005 but end up being targets of masked strangers and are forced to fight for their life. The tidbit is set to terrorize theaters across the U.S. on May 30. In the meantime, the three TV spots can be seen below or on its trailer page at AceShowbiz.

  • TV Spot #1: Reminder

  • TV Spot #2: Anytime

  • TV Spot #3: For Certain

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