Join the 2007 After Dark Horrorfest Parties

Join the 2007 After Dark Horrorfest Parties

Buy tickets to all eight movies presented to get into the parties, held in both New York City and Los Angeles.
Not only about to screen horror movies, After Dark Films turns out to also have something else in mind on how to give more entertainment to the horror fans. That will be Horrorfest parties slated to be held in New York City and Los Angeles!

These two occasions will take place at the same time on Saturday, November 18, 2007 from 10:00PM up to 2:00AM. The New York party will be held at Pressure while that in L.A. will happen at Cinespace. Do click both links to learn more about the parties.

Please note, however, that only those wearing a Horrorfest T-shirt, or at least bringing one to show at the front door, are allowed to take part in the party. You can get the T-shirt if you buy tickets to all eight movies presented at the Horrorfest through either the theater location and online. To check the theaters participating, please go to the official site for the annual event,

Meanwhile, lineup of films set to be showcased at this year's edition has already been completed with all to be screened in more than 350 theaters across U.S. from November 9-18, 2007. Here's the list:

  • The Deaths of Ian Stone : Directed by Dario Piana from script by Brendan Hood, story sees Mike Vogel play the titular character who encounters a mysterious creature and finds himself reborn into a new life that feels strangely familiar.
  • Nightmare Man : Written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, pic centers on a woman whose quest for motherhood turns into a quest for survival after she orders an ancient fertility mask to help her conceive.
  • Crazy Eights : Helmed by James Koya Jones based on the script he co-wrote with Dan DeLuca, it follows six people as they discover a map and go on a search for a long forgotten time capsule which turns out to reawaken repressed childhood traumas.
  • Unearthed : Written and directed by Matthew Leutwyler, film focuses on a horrific happening in small desert town following a sinister crash that occurs off the highway. As people vanish and nature dies, the local sheriff investigates, only to discover that the fate of her town rests just below the earth.
  • Borderland : Based on true events, flick, written and directed by Zev Berman concerns three Texas University seniors whose vacation becomes a living nightmare as the trio runs afoul of an ancient blood cult looking for human sacrifice.
  • Mulberry Street : Directed by Jim Mickle based on the script he co-wrote with Nick Damici, it tells about a deadly infection that turns residents of a city to savage creatures.
  • Tooth and Nail : Written, directed, and edited by Mark Young, the movie centers on a small group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world who discover that they are followed by a savage band of cannibals known as Rovers upon taking refuge in an empty hospital.
  • Lake Dead : Written by Daniel P. Coughlin and directed by George Bessudo, pic is the story of the Lake sisters who travel to a remote motel which they have inherited from their recently deceased grandfather. They soon find that the property is occupied by a deranged backwoods family, and a deviant killing spree ensues.

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