"Meg" No Longer Under New Line's Care

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Author Steve Alten has claimed in his newsletter that the movie adaptation of his book series "Meg" won't be happening at New Line Cinema.
Giving up on bringing "Meg", its adaptation of the Steve Alten book series, to the surface, New Line Cinema has shockingly made a decision to let go the project out of its pit, the author itself has stated in his newsletter.

"The key execs at New Line always treated MEG like an unwanted stepchild, and now, with my option set to expire in October, the[y] decided NOT to proceed," Alten confirmed.

While expressing his appreciation on the efforts made by the company, Alten did stress that this does not mean there will be no big screen version of his work as he assured that the project will still happen through the hands of different team and film studio.

Initially intended for a summer 2008 release at the earliest, "Meg" was picked up by New Line in 2005 after Walt Disney Pictures concluded to put it into turnaround due to overflowing budget. "Speed" helmer Jan De Bont was attached to both direct and produce with Shane Salerno penning the script.

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