Exclusive Interview with Paula DeAnda, a Look at Her Career and More Personal Sides

A Mexican-American pop singer, Paula DeAnda striving into the galaxy of superstardom at quite a young age. Credited herself as a perfect example of how dreams can come true, the recording artist reveals nothing but all to AceShowbiz, all about her singing career, favorite actress and even the man of her dream.

On her becoming a singer, Paula claims it feels great to have her dream comes true. It means a lot for her that people begin to recognize her wholly, as an individual not by name only. Dealing with the media spotlight, she simply considers it as a consequence of her celebrity status and tries to act wise with it.

Would like to continue to "make songs that are really relatable" following her hit "Walk Away," Paula who gives contribution in writing its lyrics always tries to blend her soul with the song she sings. Would like to collaborate with such hip-hop artists, as Bow Wow, Ludacris, Nelly, and MIMS after the one she did with Lil Wayne. The recording artist credited Sandra Bullock as her favorite actress.

Read the overall interview AceShowbiz (ASB) has done with Paula.

ASB: Celebrating the success of your eponymous debut album, it tickles me to know more about you, especially how your "instant" fame changed your life, what's good to be famous?

Paula: It's not so much instant fame. I mean, I've wanted this as long as I can remember. Finally things fell into place and it feels great. I would have to say my schedule overall has changed, but the more the better. I think more than anything people are beginning to see Paula D instead of just knowing my songs, there is now a face with the name. You get a lot of cool opportunities. It's just so crazy my dream of being an artist is now reality.

ASB: And how would you deal with the media spotlight which, like many other famous celebrities have undergone, at one point in the future might invade your privacy?

Paula: I think as long as you are in a business like mine it comes with it. It's just their job and yes, it sometimes gets out of hand at the point where they invade your privacy, but that's something all celebrities have to deal with. I intend to just smile and keep on trucking.

ASB: Looking back to the past, how did you feel for the first time when your song got listed on Billboard's charts?

Paula: It was told to me first, but when I actually saw it for myself I couldn't believe it. I was surrounded by well known and respected artists like Justin Timberlake, Akon, and Beyonce Knowles. It was truly a blessing and an honor.

ASB: There's no doubt that "Walk Away" is really a breakthrough in your singing career. What do you think the next level will be for you musically?

Paula: I definitely would have to say Walk Away opened a lot of doors. I'm just going to continue to make songs that are really relatable. You'll be hearing more up tempo songs from me as well.

ASB: On your album "Paula DeAnda", compared to those produced by any other R&B recording artists at your age, how would you define yours? What makes it distinct?

Paula: That's a great question and tough to answer, but I would say that contributing lyrics to the album and being able to relate to those lyrics, whether by personal experience or through friends and family. The sounds of my music are my musical influences, even at my young age. I have grown up loving and living great R&B, Pop, Christian, Country, even Tejano music, and I hope this combination makes my style and album unique in its own way.

ASB: Judging from the lyrics, "When It Was Me", tells about broken heart. Is that based on your own experience or someone else's?

Paula: Both I can relate to that in a sense. I guess performing and recording the song makes me feel it more.

ASB: Having Pop/R&B as your music genre, you once have hip-hop star Lil' Wayne contributed to "Easy". If you have a chance to collaborate with any other hip-hop artists, with whom would you like to be with?

Paula: Bow Wow, Ludacris, Nelly, MIMS

ASB: Singing aside you have had your first acting debut in MTV, are there any actors or actresses that inspire you to take acting career as well?

Paula: Sandra Bullock is awesome.

ASB: What about your hobbies, do you still have time to do it? Or how would you spend your spare time?

Paula: I usually don't have time to stop and write how ever I take note of what is happening in my life and my experience and will put all together in the studio when I record again.

ASB: You talk most about love on the album. On a more personal side, could you give a clue what kind of man will be able to steal your heart?

Paula: Driven, Humorous having a sense of humor a must, honest, caring & affectionate and understanding of my career.

ASB: Last but not least, would you share wise words to AceShowbiz readers?

Paula: Don't give up in your goals in life, I'm a perfect example of how dreams can come true.

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