The 2007 Empire Awards Recipients Announced

Casino Royale picture

"Casino Royale" was selected the Best Film with stars Daniel Craig and Eva Green taking home an honor each.
Collecting the votes from its readers, Britain's biggest selling film magazine Empire has finally listed out the honorees of its Empire Awards of which ceremony was held in London for the twelfth time.

Based on the votes, collected from over 50,000 people, the magazine proudly gave the top prize of Best Film to latest installment of 007 series "Casino Royale", in the meantime also named stars Daniel Craig and Eva Green the Best Actor and Best Female Newcomer, respectively.

In related news, Craig was also reported to be granted a real passport by the British Home Office under the name of the character he portrayed in the movie, none other than James Bond. The passport is said to be handed down to EON Productions in order to add some authenticity to the successful super-spy franchise.

Lining up with the actor in the winners' list were Penelope Cruz and Brandon Routh, the former receiving Best Actress prize for her role in "Volver" and the latter that of Best Male Newcomer for "Superman Returns." Meanwhile, British filmmaker Christopher Nolan triumphantly took home the Best Director honor for his work in "The Prestige."

Other film titles winning included 9/11 harrowing drama "United 93" which was voted Best British Film, "Little Miss Sunshine" as Best Comedy, and "The Departed" as Best Thriller. Elsewhere, "Pan's Labyrinth" nabbed the Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy title and "Hostel" was deemed Best Horror with "Mission: Impossible 3" winning Scene of the Year category for its bridge sequence.

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