Jennifer Aniston Celebrated Her New Nose at Movie Premiere

Jennifer Aniston has celebrated her new nose by stepping out at her film premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival February 4th, 2007.
You should have come to her movie premiere Sunday February 4th at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. That is the case if you want to get enough evidence on the public speculation on Jennifer Aniston's nose job.

The former "Friends" star was having her short film "Room 10" premiered during the festival. That was her first directorial debut ever. The story is about a nurse who has to deal with a dying patient and martial problems at the same time. During her struggles handling both of these problems, she begins to look at thing in a different perspective.

Her attending the film premiere was Jenn's first public appearance since she underwent rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum. Rumors first began circulating early last week that Jenn had a nose job. She was reportedly furious that the doctor let the information out.

Nonetheless, by showing up at the premiere Jenn put an end to all the speculation that was going around. What about her nose? No more out of place nose. It looks more straight and perfect.

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