John Malkovich Is Joining the "Mutants"

John Malkovich is portraying a 23rd century corporate overlord opposite Thomas Jane in Simon Hunter's sci-fi action thriller "The Mutant Chronicles"
John Malkovich is joining Thomas Jane to star in the upcoming movie entitled "The Mutant Chronicles". It is of sci-fi action thriller genre, which Simon Hunter takes as his next project to direct.

The story is set in the 23rd century, in which four giant corporations have pillaged the last of the planet's resources, causing a demonic, marauding army of underworld NecroMutants to wage war against humans for what remains.

There in the flick, Malkovich is set to play the character of Constantine, heads a United Nations-style council of four corporation-run countries that have pillaged Earth's natural resources. Meanwhile, Jane will play a battle-weary Marine who leads a squad of soldiers against the alien hordes.

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