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  • Waiting for the Barbarians
    • Genre : Thriller
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : -
    • Duration : 112 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : Samuel Goldwyn Films
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      Nothing's perfect, but it's worth seeing.

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  • Mark Rylance is terrific in Ciro Guerra's beautiful indictment of the colonial machine; Guerra clearly had no problem directing, the engrossing synchronicity of every aspect of the film a testament to his visionary mind
    Review rate : B+ by Luke Hicks [The Playlist ]
  • evocatively photographed by Chris Menges, Guerra's stately, frequently horrific fifth feature recalls both Kafka’s In the Penal Colony and Graham Greene, with Rylance as a sad sack powerless to stop the ruthlessly mechanical infliction of pain
    3 of 5 by Harry Windsor [The Guardian ]
  • despite meticulous visuals and a strong central performance by Mark Rylance, the film feels dramatically ponderous and emotionally inert
    by Jonathan Romney [Screen Daily ]
  • despite its allegorical trappings, Waiting for the Barbarians is very on the nose and very clear in its message from the outset and throughout
    3 of 5 by Lewis Knight [Daily Mirror (UK) ]
  • as a viewer, it requires hard work to feel something that goes deeper than common-sense pity when confronted with stock characters stuck in a generic predicament in a nonspecific time and place
    by Boyd van Hoeij [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • "Waiting for the Barbarians" is a film that puts on its best clothes, assumes its most sober voice, and then stands tall to tell us: Imperialism Is Bad. The message is not wrong, but it certainly is a disappointing use of Guerra's talent
    Review rate : C by Ben Croll [IndieWire ]

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