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  • Holmes & Watson
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : PG-13
    • Duration : 90 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : 42
    • Studio : Columbia Pictures
    • Official Site : http://www.holmesandwatson.movie
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      Not quite bad, but it's not recommended either.

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Movie Reviews

  • the only compelling mystery about Holmes & Watson is how so many funny people have been squeezed into such an unfunny movie, a movie that isn't nearly smart enough to recognize how stupid it should have been
    Review rate : C- by David Ehrlich [Indiewire ]
  • so agonizingly unfunny; It's an unexpected low point from two great actors..the two seem to have no script or even a premise to work with, and the ideas they throw into the void are either desperately crass or simply incoherent
    by Rafer Guzman [Newsday ]
  • it's so painfully unfunny we're not sure it can legally be called a comedy
    0.5 of 5 by David Fear [Rolling Stone ]
  • devastatingly unfunny; Numerous talented British thespians are wasted in supporting roles in this Christmas turkey that, not surprisingly, wasn't screened in advance for critics
    by Frank Scheck [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • an opportunity for prissy British accents (nowhere near enough shouty panic from actors who have perfected it), inept investigating and a completely charmless, laughs-free experience
    1 of 5 by Joshua Rothkopf [Time Out New York ]
  • a brilliant supporting cast, which includes Hugh Laurie, Steve Coogan, Ralph Fiennes, Lauren Lapkus, Rebecca Hall, and Kelly MacDonald, is utterly wasted on this lame and forgettable outing
    Review rate : D by Dana Schwartz [Entertainment Weekly ]
  • "Holmes & Watson" might be the worst feature-length film ever made about the 'consulting detective' from Baker Street. Ferrell and Reilly's performances were uncharacteristically unfunny and painfully awkward
    Review rate : F by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky [AV Club ]

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