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  • Hearts and Bones
    • Genre : Drama
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : -
    • Duration : -
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : Gravitas Ventures
    • Official Site : http://gravitasventures.com/hearts-and-bones/
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  • while the film has some heartfelt exchanges of kinship & empathy, however, it is also punctuated by moments of abject despair; This is crucial to a core message that moves beyond the healing power of art towards the entitlement those who make it possess
    Review rate : B by Jared Mobarak [The Film Stage ]
  • the director's handsome debut feature, flirts with becoming a savage indictment of affluent do-gooderism, but finally swerves to land on a vision of fraternity that's altogether more optimistic
    by Harry Windsor [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • it is a human-oriented drama that builds a thoughtful and contemplative space, empathising with characters grappling with difficult circumstances outside the common experience. It is also the kind of drama you sometimes want to grab and shake to life
    3 of 5 by Luke Buckmaster [The Guardian ]
  • Hugo Weaving delivers a fascinating performance in this powerful and poetic film; "Hearts and Bones" is more than an affecting drama; The film brings these suffering faces – the faces of the subjects of their photos – and breathes life into them
    4 of 5 by Blake Howard [Flicks (Australia) ]
  • Ben Lawrence's sensitive and affecting new Australian drama "Hearts and Bones", is an impressive narrative feature debut
    by Eddie Cockrell [Variety ]
  • Ben Lawrence builds a series of overlapping conflicts, bringing them slowly to the boil, keeping us guessing; "Hearts and Bones" is a thoughtful and engaging story, driven by exceptional performances
    4 of 5 by Paul Byrnes [Sidney Morning Herald ]
  • an intimate film tackling an expansive subject -- the treatment of refugees around the globe, and the way the world processes the traumas that lead to such urgent, widespread immigration -- this is a poignant and morally complex drama
    by Sarah Ward [Screen Daily ]

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