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  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
    • Genre : Comedy, Adventure
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    • MPAA Rating : R
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    • Studio : Amazon Studios
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  • what hasn't changed a bit is Sacha Baron Cohen's escaped-from-the-asylum performance, and Borat is still one of the most lovable and abhorrent characters ever
    3 of 4 by Johnny Oleksinski [New York Post ]
  • though his jokes don't always land, Sacha Baron Cohen's creation remains a fearless and funny comic force in sequel; Borat is an idiot, but "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" ends on a pretty smart note
    3 of 4 by Richard Roeper [Chicago Sun-Times ]
  • the sequel lacks an audience-destroying showstopper like the original film's protracted nude wrestling match, but Bakalova rivals Baron Cohen in her well-concealed yet palpable joy of performance lurking under the firmness of her commitment
    Review rate : B- by Jesse Hassenger [AV Club ]
  • fascinating and urgently satirical; It's the ripped-from-the-headlines relevance that makes it so fascinating, and it's the boiling rage at current politics that makes it so bracing
    4 of 5 by Nicholas Barber [BBC ]
  • as shocking as it is hilarious, as ridiculous as it is insightful, "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" is the comedy we both need and deserve right now
    4 of 5 by John Nugent [Empire Magazine ]
  • a staggering act of comedic revolt; Even more than in his previous feature outing, "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" delivers a consistent, coherent feature-length narrative, punctuated with outrageous, unpredictable set-pieces
    by Peter Debruge [Variety ]
  • a ramshackle film that's not potent enough to be satire or smart enough to be zany character comedy and just falls, splat, somewhere hopelessly, blandly, in the middle
    2 of 5 by Kevin Maher [The Times (UK) ]
  • "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm", or "Borat 2", is a delightful return to form with Sacha Baron Cohen in a wilder, more impactful role than the original
    4 of 5 by Jack Wilhelmi [ScreenRant ]
  • "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" is jaw-droppingly, eye-poppingly, suffocatingly hilarious; funny, but sometimes hard to watch; Not everyone will like this movie. But a case could be made for its coarseness and excess as a reflection of our current moment
    3 of 4 by Mick LaSalle [San Francisco Chronicle ]
  • "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" has fleeting moments of inspiration, but it's overly reliant on cheap provocations, gross-out gags and obvious humor
    Review rate : C by Adam Graham [Detroit News ]

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