Sugarland Biography

It all begins with three genius heads who have huge courage of knowing what they want. The members of Sugarland; Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush and Kristen Hall, all led successful careers in music individually before the met each other, making it a huge decision to form a pact. Nettles who grew up in Douglas, Georgia had been singing starting the age of 7. Her stage presence and charisma brought her to front a local band named Soul Miner's Daughter and later, her own pact, Jennifer Nettles Band. She regularly sang in clubs until she was approached by Bush and Hall who wanted to recruit her as their lead singer. With the commitment, Bush was forced to leave his moderately successful band Billy Pilgrim although the duo had a major contract with Atlantic Records, while Hall has to ditch her successful solo career to work with two other heads.

Sugarland began to pick up the pace and found the chemistry so dumbfounding. Within four months since the band was formed, they landed club gigs and bigger venues that could draw more than 1,000 people. Soon labels came offering them contract papers but it was Mercury Records who sealed the deal. Under the recording house, they released a debut album titled "Twice the Speed of Life" in October 2004. Due to the popularity of singles like "Baby Girl" and "Something More", the album went on to be certified double platinum. The hard work paid off with them being picked as Favorite Breakthrough New Artist at the 2005 American Music Awards and earning several other noms in prestigious country awards events such as Academy of Country Music Awards and Country Music Association Awards.

In what seemingly a tunnel to the brighter ends, the band had to endure a separation when Hall decided to pursue her solo career again. Bush and Nettles announced on the band's official site that Hall "has decided that she wants to stay home and write songs," and that the remaining members "support her in that decision." Despite the blue, the now duo continued with their journey and recorded a new album called "Enjoy the Ride", the first album without Hall's participation. Like its predecessor, the album gained a double success with it being certified 2 times platinum within a year. Trophies and headlining gigs came pouring in throughout the year of 2007 and in anticipation of that, the duo recorded another studio album "Love on the Inside" that was ready to be launched on July 29, 2008. They have also mapped out plans for a big tour in support of the new album, sharing the stage with Ashton Sheperd and Kellie Pickler.