3 Doors Down
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3 Doors Down

Famous As
Alternative rock band
Birth Date
Apr 20, 1996
Birth Place
Escatawpa, Mississippi, USA
3 Doors Down Trivia
  1. "The Better Life" was the 11th best-selling album of 2000 with more than 3,000,000 records sold in that year.

  2. Their video for a track titled "Citizen/Soldier" was featured on the National Guard Recruiting Site.

  3. Own a charity foundation called "The Better Life Foundation" to aid Hurricane Katrina survivors.

  4. The song "Kryptonite" was used in film "Corky Romano" and advertisement of Dragon Ball GT.

  5. Bassist Chris Harrell was charged with a misdemeanor simple assault for allegedly punching a 49-year-old man, Terry Alexander, for taping their unreleased song at a party.

  6. Played their first gig at a friend's backyard party.

  7. Derived the band's name from a faded sign of a building that says "Doors Down" and added the "3" from the number of members at the start of the band.