Hole in the Wall Synopsis

  • Hole in the Wall
    • Category : Game Show
    • Genre : Game-Show
    • Seasons : 1
    • MPAA Rating : -
    • Production Co. : Fremantle Media North America
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/holeinthewall


One rule that is almost automatically assumed is that you must jump through the hole without breaking it all off or falling in the water. One rule that most players inadvertently break is the rule that you must have at least one foot in the play area.

Two teams of three people play, with a hobby, occupation or location as the team name. Two lifeguards, one male and one female, sit poolside. Thompson stands in a perch overlooking the studio, while Burns is stationed stage right of the play area. The contestants are dressed in the familiar silver spandex and wear red or blue helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads depending on the team color. A replay is shown after each wall has passed whether cleared or not. If not cleared, a diagram of the best possible way to complete the wall is shown.

Round 1: Solo Wall

After each team is announced, the team captain is then instructed to enter the play area. After a three-second countdown the wall is shown. If the captain fails to "clear" the wall, either by falling into the pool or damaging the wall as it passes, the team earns no points; "clearing" the wall earns a point. The opposing team captain then tries a different wall.

Round 2: Double Wall

The two non-captains on each team then compete on a Double Wall. The team earns two points if both players clear the wall; if either player fails to clear, they earn no points.

Round 3: Triple Wall

All three players try to complete the Triple Wall. The team scores three points if all three clear the wall. If any player fails to clear, the team earns no points.

Round 4: Speed Round

Like Round 3, all three players compete. The wall moves twice as fast as before. Each player who clears the wall earns two points, for a maximum of six. In addition, if all three players clear the wall, they win a $5,000 bonus, whether they win or lose the game. Both teams get a chance to play for the $5,000, even if the second team has been mathematically eliminated.

The team with more points wins a guaranteed $25,000, and then plays the final "Blind Wall." If a tie game should occur, neither team wins the $25,000, but they both advance to the Blind Wall.

End Game: Blind Wall

In the "Blind Wall," the team has a chance to win an additional $100,000. One team member, blindfolded, is guided by Brooke to the center of the play area. Mark then tells the audience to be quiet so that the blindfolded member can hear their teammates. The two remaining team members must then direct the blindfolded member through a standard solo wall by giving verbal commands. If the contestant clears the wall, the team wins the $100,000.

If both teams advance to the Blind Wall, the prize is split in half, and each team tries for $50,000.

The top prize on the show is thus $130,000 ($5,000 for clearing the Speed Wall, $25,000 for winning the game, and $100,000 for clearing the Blind Wall). However, if there is a tie, the combination of top prizes is $110,000.

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