Episode 1.04 : Jailbreak

  • Undercovers
    • Episode Premiere : October 13, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Warner Bros. Television, Bad Robot Productions
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/undercovers/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Irish gang member Sean Cullen talks to his partner Brian Murphy. Sean won't divulge the location of a safety deposit box to Brian; the box holds a hard drive that Cullen has stolen. Sean, walking through the rainy streets of Dublin, is cornered by police and hauled off to jail.

Steven and Samantha arrive at Bloom Catering to find Lizzy hard at work at 7:00 a.m. Steven is convinced that Lizzy is up to something. Steven thinks of himself as a human lie detector and senses that Lizzy is going to ask them for money. Samantha thinks he's being overly analytical about the situation and is convinced Lizzy is simply turning over a new leaf. Shaw is finishing his breakfast while talking to a superior at the CIA. Shaw believes that if the agency isn't careful, Steven and Samantha will discover the reason behind their reactivation into the CIA. Shaw believes it would be in the agency's best interest to manage their discovery rather than the alternative. Shaw's superior disagrees. The plan remains the same, they stay the course.

Shaw stops by Bloom Catering to give Steven and Samantha their next mission. Sean Cullen, arrested in Dublin, has been residing in prison for 48 hours. They will fly to Dublin and meet with Cullen. Cullen worked at the Shannon Airport in Dublin as a baggage handler. The Irish government uses Shannon Airport for the transportation of terrorist suspects, among other cargo. Cullen, tired of his life in petty theft crimes, stole a hard drive from a U.S. government plane containing the locations of secret CIA detention facilities around the world. The hard drive also contains details of their detainees. Any terrorist group would pay top dollar for this drive. Steven and Samantha are tasked with locating and retrieving the hard drive.

Steven and Samantha pose as local Irish authorities and go into the prison to interrogate. Shaw has advised them to not go in as CIA operatives. It is vital to the agency that information about the missing hard drive is not leaked. Plus, the agency doesn't want the Irish government to know the CIA is operating in their country without their knowledge or permission. At the prison, Cullen ingests a white powder that was hidden in the eye of a stuffed monkey that he kept in his cell. When the prison guard does his rounds, he finds Cullen unconscious, bleeding from his nose after having a seizure. Cullen is immediately transported to the prison hospital. Once awake, Cullen attacks and murders the prison doctor as a way to escape. He walks out wearing civilian clothing.

Lizzy stops by Steven and Samantha's to confirm she'll be house sitting for them while they are away. Before Steven gets home, Lizzy asks Samantha if she can borrow $700 for a cooking class. Steven was right, she did want money. Samantha agrees, but asks Lizzy to keep it between them. When Steven returns and sees Lizzy at the house, he is suspicious. Samantha diverts his attention. The following day, Steven and Samantha arrive at the Dublin prison as investigators from the Irish Department of Justice, but to their surprise, Leo has arrived first. Shaw sent him to meet the Blooms when it was discovered that Cullen had escaped.

Samantha finds the white substance in the stuffed monkey under Cullen's bed at the prison. Steven sends a sample of the powder to Hoyt, waiting in a car, to analyze. Hoyt confirms that the white substance is a drug called Darvix. The effects of Darvix can mimic a seizure. Samantha, Steven and Leo meet with the prison warden. Steven asks if any of Cullen's gang associates paid him a visit while he was in prison. Steven identifies a neck tattoo on Cullen from a photograph. Later, Steven has Hoyt create a replica of the tattoo on his neck. Steven and Samantha go undercover as gang members in a local bar known to be the meeting place for the gang leader.

Leo and Sam discuss what she has and has not told Steven about her CIA past. Leo asks Samantha if Steven knows why she left the CIA. She makes it very clear to Leo that Steven does not know and she'd like to keep it that way. Steven and Hoyt appear after finishing their prep work on his tattoo. As Steven and Samantha head off, Hoyt partners with Leo. They are off to pay Cullen's ex-wife, Fiona, a visit.

In Fiona's shop, Leo notices a stack of stuffed monkeys just like the one Cullen had in his cell. Fiona tells Leo and Hoyt that she wouldn't spit on her ex if his hair were on fire. Leo doesn't buy her act and makes plans with her for later that night in hopes of scooping more information. Steven and Samantha arrive at the bar. The head of the gang holds court in the bar and if anyone would know where Sean is, he would. Meanwhile, Cullen tracks down his partner Brian's wife, Marie.

Steven is summoned to the back of the bar by the gang leader. Once there, the leader's goons scrape Steven's tattoo off of his neck, proving his not who he says he is. Steven fights back. The leader tells Steven that if he knew where Cullen was, he would have already made him suffer. Last he heard, Cullen got into a deal with a guy named Brian Murphy who also worked at the airport. While Samantha, Steven and Leo track down Brian, Leo keeps Fiona company and works her for information. Hoyt tracks down Brian's address. When Steven and Samantha arrive, Leo is already there. He's swept the place clean.

Hoyt tracks down a prepaid cell phone box which was hidden deep in a dumpster outside Brian's apartment. With the tracking number of the phone, Hoyt is able to duplicate the SIM card. Now, all they have to do is wait for Brian to get a call. Later that night, Cullen calls and tells Brian to meet him at the dock. Brian arrives at the dock and pulls a gun on Cullen. They're in a stand-off. Cullen tells him to put the gun down. If he doesn't, Cullen will put a bullet in Marie's head. Cullen pulls her out of the car. When Brian puts the gun down, Cullen lets his Marie go. As Marie walks towards Brian, she picks up the dropped gun and turns it on Brian, killing him. Brian's been double-crossed. When Steven, Samantha, Leo and Hoyt arrive they find Brian's dead body. Cullen and Marie have escaped.

Leo shares Cullen's known alias with the team. They are able to track him and Marie to London. When they arrive, Leo and Hoyt go to the jotel. Hoyt, with Leo's permission, takes the lead. Hoyt attempts to use a Leo pick-up line on the hotel clerk while Leo looks on. Rejected, Hoyt returns to Leo. But, to Leo's surprise, that is exactly what Hoyt had planned. While distracting the clerk, Hoyt downloads the hotel database onto his cell phone. Cullen is in room 312; Leo calls Steven and Samantha and tells them to set up in room 412.

Leo and Samantha monitor Cullen's room where he is staying with Brian's wife, Marie. Leo figures they must have teamed up, used Brian, then murdered him and took the hard drive to sell for profit. When they notice a package being delivered to Marie, Leo storms the room with Steven and Samantha not far behind. Leo assumed the box was the money drop, but when they arrive at the room they discover the box is packed with a blue dress and a single ticket to the London Philharmonic. Samantha, Leo and Steven interrogate Marie, who tells them she was supposed to wait for the money drop at the concert that night and text Cullen her middle name, Beatrice, when it's complete. But, what Steven, Samantha and Leo don't know is that Cullen specifically told Marie to send a blank text. She's set them up.

Samantha arrives at the symphony and takes her seat. While Steven gets ready at the hotel, Hoyt hands him a few new top-of-the-line CIA devices - a tranquilizer gun and a grenade. Just as Samantha wonders where Steven is, she watches him take the stage with the orchestra. Leo takes his position has an usher while Hoyt watches over Marie back at the hotel. As the orchestra begins to play, the buyer arrives. He sits next to Samantha, whom he thinks is Marie. Once she has the money, Samantha sends Cullen a text reading "Beatrice," as Marie instructed. When Cullen receives it, he knows something went wrong.

Cullen responds with a text that reads "A-40." Leo assumes it's a seat in the theatre. Once Hoyt reviews the signal, he realizes Cullen is in the parking garage and A-40 must be a parking spot. When the buyer realizes something has gone awry, he pulls a gun on Samantha. Steven, using the long-range tranquilizer gun Hoyt gave him, takes him down from the stage. Samantha rushes to follow Leo to the parking garage. Leo arrives at the parking spot first. Cullen pulls a gun on him, holding him hostage. Samantha arrives next, demanding the hard drive. Cullen tosses her the drive, but Samantha refuses to negotiate with escaped fugitives and won't give him the money.

Steven can hear Samantha and knows she's not bluffing. He rushes to help Leo. When he arrives, he eventually passes Cullen the money and tells Leo he's doing exactly what Leo did to him in Belgrade. Cullen takes the briefcase with the money and puts Leo in the car with him. Once in the car, Leo looks at his watch and times his exit just before the grenade explodes. Leo is safe; they get the money back and the mission is complete.

Back at home, Steven and Samantha debrief Shaw on the mission specifics. Over at Bloom Catering, Steven tries to pay Lizzy for taking care of the dog and house sitting, but she refuses the money. That night, Steven finally gets it out Samantha. She loaned Lizzy $700 for her cooking class. At home, Samantha has a conversation with Steven about their pasts.

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