Episode 1.04 : Stuck

  • Trauma
    • Episode Premiere : October 19, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Film 44
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Christopher Misiano
  • Screenwriter Bruce Rasmussen
  • Main Cast

The Story

Rabbit awakes from a nightmare of the fatal helicopter accident that happened a year ago. At work he finds the burnt shoe he was wearing. Meanwhile, Glenn is still trying to get used to his new job and how desensitized all his co-workers around him seem to be.

A lineman, Danny, works on a power line and the line starts to buzz, which causes an electric shock that results in a horrible accident. Nancy and Glenn rush to the scene and run to the aid of the injured workmen. One man, Bill, has lost his arm and Danny fell onto a car. Glenn tries to help the man with the severed arm, but the new EMT can't handle all the blood and faints.

Glenn recovers from his fainting spell and asks Nancy not to tell anyone about it. Meanwhile, a couple mountain biking through trails has an accident and Marisa and Rabbit come to the rescue. The woman, Jessica, fell off the mountain and broke her ankle. Rabbit takes her in the helicopter and tries to reassure her fears. However, when the helicopter hits some turbulence, Rabbit gets air sick and pukes; something new for him.

At the hospital the man with the severed arm, Bill, is wheeled into surgery. The victim lets the cat out of the bag to Rabbit about Glenn fainting. Nancy is not pleased and tells Rabbit to mind his own business and get back to work.

Boone and Tyler witness a fight break out between two tourists: John and Chuck. Chuck cut in line while John and his son Caleb were waiting for the cable car. Tyler calls it in and Boone runs to give assistance. Chuck tries to run for it but Tyler clotheslines him. Boone helps John, who is bleeding profusely out of his mouth. A piece of John's tongue has gone missing and Caleb brings Tyler the missing piece.

Glenn tries to impress Nancy with old war stories, but she's not taking the bait. He pleads with her to come out with him for a drink. Back at the station, Rabbit is getting slack for throwing up earlier and gets a barf bag as a present. Marisa tries to console Rabbit, but he is in denial about getting sick in the first place.

A husband and wife, Doug and Wendy, meet for lunch at a local Chinese restaurant when suddenly a fire breaks out. Tyler and Boone rush over and join the local fire department and other paramedics to assist. Doug's back is badly burnt and he admits he accidentally pushed his wife out of the way. Tyler convinces Doug to play the role as the hero instead of coming clean to his wife.

Tyler and Boone go into the burned-down restaurant and try to revive a man who is inside -- but they fail. Tyler notices that the man is wearing a condom, which leads Boone and Tyler to discover a room hiding illegal immigrant female prostitutes. The owner, Mrs. Li, denies everything, and Boone tries to help one of the imprisoned call girls, Kim. Kim and Mrs. Li get in a fight and Mrs. Li is taken to the hospital. Boone wants to have someone arrested for the prostitution ring, but there aren't any witnesses.

Will is paying Martin, a contractor, to renovate his house. However, when Will comes to check on Martin's progress he is unhappy about the bay window. Will gets upset and tries to push Martin, but instead falls and impales himself on a piece of rebar.

Nancy and Glenn come to the Will's aid. After assessing Will's vitals, Nancy tells him that he is very lucky he didn't hit any of his major arteries. Dr. Joe is at a fundraiser event with his wife when Nancy calls about Will's injury. Nancy says that they will get someone to pick Dr. Joe up so he can get the rebar out of Will's gut.

Rabbit gets an email from Marisa that guides him to a page about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He reads the symptoms and something hits home for him, but then he gets called to pick up Dr. Joe from the fundraiser. Marisa presses Rabbit to tell Dr. Joe about how he is feeling. Rabbit claims he hasn't had any flashbacks, but Dr. Joe says that watching a friend die could lead to PTSD.

Nancy continues to keep Will stable and he reveals that he is renovating the house in the hopes of winning his wife back. Suddenly Nancy realizes that Will is starting to bleed heavily, but she tries to keep him calm. Nancy calls Dr. Joe and says that she needs him at the site, but Dr. Joe orders Nancy to shut down the bleeding artery. Nancy has no choice but to try.

Nancy preps Will for surgery and has Dr. Joe give her a step-by-step tutorial on how to close off the artery. Glenn helps the best he can. Nancy talks Will though the pain as she tries to get the bleeder. She sees that two of the arteries are bleeding and Dr. Joe tries to tell her what to do. Glenn and Nancy are almost arms-deep in blood and tissue. Will starts to crash and Nancy has to act quickly to save him and suture his artery. Her suturing job is a success.

Outside the burned-down restaurant, Chen, a large Chinese man, calls the prostitutes to come with him. Boone convinces Kim to come to the hospital instead. Chen doesn't like this. Meanwhile, Glenn irritates Rabbit by trying to bond with him over their unfortunate events this morning -- puking and fainting. Rabbit denies this and tells Marisa to back off about trying to convince him of the whole PTSD thing.

Boone talks to Kim and tells her to tell the truth about Chen and Mrs. Li. Just then, Chen comes to the hospital and Kim gets scared. Boone approaches Chen and confronts him, then kicks him out of the hospital. Kim decides to testify against her oppressors. Nancy talks to Dr. Joe about Will. Dr. Joe is upset with Nancy because it's obvious she has the talent to be a surgeon, but she won't go through with it.

Rabbit bribes Teddy to take him up in the helicopter even though there is a wind caution warning. They are in the air and Rabbit pushes Teddy to fly higher, but he won't. Marisa tries one last time to talk to Rabbit about his PTSD. She doesn't want to have a medic that is losing his mind. Rabbit is worried after he gets his past out, he won't be able to get anything back in.

After work Nancy agrees to have a drink with Glenn, to his pleasant surprise. Glenn is impressed with what Nancy did today and it comes out that he really likes her. Nancy starts to be receptive to Glenn until he asks her about why she's not a doctor. He completely strikes out when he tells Nancy that he is writing a book about being a street medic.

After everyone has gone home, Rabbit, in an effort to overcome his PTDS, throws away the shoes he wore during the infamous helicopter crash. It may be his first step in overcoming the nightmare from his past.






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