Sean Saves the World

Episode 1.07 : The Good, the Bad, and the Sean

  • Sean Saves the World
    • Episode Premiere : November 14, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Hazy Mills Prod., Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Marc Buckland
  • Screenwriter Mike Rosolio
  • Main Cast
    • Sean Hayes as Sammy,
    • Samantha Isler,
    • Linda Lavin,
    • Thomas Lennon,
    • Echo Kellum,
    • Megan Hilty

The Story

Lorna comes over to Sean's place and notices a messy kitchen and wonders: did a bomb go off or something? Sean tells his mother that Ellie was supposed to clean, but must have forgotten. Never one to hold back an opinion, Lorna tells Sean he's too much of a pushover as a father; if he doesn't start cracking the whip with Ellie, she'll never respect him. Ellie has plans to go snowboarding for the first time on a weekend getaway with her friends, but Sean seizes the opportunity to offer his daughter an ultimatum: tonight, she's cooking dinner, and if Ellie drops the ball, then she's grounded for the weekend!

At work, Sean tells Liz about his struggles with being "the mean dad." It's just not in his personality at all. When Sean mentions the threat of grounding Ellie, Liz begins to panic. If Ellie's grounded, then Sean will have to stay home on the weekend, which means he won't be able to be Liz's date at her friend Courtney's wedding! Sean knows the problem can be avoided if Ellie just follows through with her word, though he wishes food could just appear whenever he wanted so Sean could ensure her success. Like clockwork, Stavros from the Greek restaurant shows up at the offices with the lunch Sean ordered. Though Stavros is a loyal food courier, he's also got the hots for Liz and quite frankly it's making everyone in the office uncomfortable.

Sean gives Hunter Friday afternoon off so his band can play a gig. When Max hears that Sean is okay with his subordinates skipping out on work, he is furious. Max thinks his workers are most productive when they're on their toes. His philosophy is to always keep them guessing: are they going to be fired? Are they safe? Who knows! To demonstrate this theory, Max offers Sean a friendly wager: if Max can get Hunter to voluntarily miss his gig, offer to work the entire weekend AND throw a muffin at Sean, then Sean must say one mean truth about everyone in the office. And if Sean can convince Hunter to leave work for the gig, then Max must say one nice thing to all his workers. Oh, the humanity!

Sean is incredibly disappointed to come home to an empty kitchen - Ellie did nothing! Lorna tells her son he has to drop the hammer or risk years of Ellie rebelling against him and possibly getting enough holes pierced in her ear to hang a shower curtain. Ellie runs into the kitchen and acts as if she's making dinner, but all she does is pull out a can of soup. Sean tells Ellie she can't go on her trip, but she begs for one more chance - after all, he never said she had to make a "nice" dinner! Thankful she found a loophole, Sean is pleased to offer his wonderful daughter one more chance at redemption. Lorna rolls her eyes.

Max corners Hunter in the office and encourages him to take time off to prepare for his gig. Hunter is so uncomfortable about his boss's sudden change of demeanor that it takes him an inordinate amount of time for him just to agree to leave. The next day at work, Hunter finds muffin mix on his desk and assumes Max is ordering Hunter to bake them for him. But when Hunter brings the muffins to Max, he throws a fit, claiming the memories of his grandmother's tragic baking death have resurfaced thanks to his insensitivity. Max threatens to fire Hunter and then blames Sean for forging the note and putting the muffins on his desk. Hunter is so determined to keep his job that he promises to skip his gig and work all weekend; he then sets out to get payback on Sean. Max laughs maniacally.

Liz begs Sean not to make her go alone to Courtney's wedding - if he's not there to dance with her, "All the Single Ladies" will just devolve into a sad statement on her love life. Sean and Liz arrive home to yet another uncooked meal, but when Ellie returns, she surprisingly takes full responsibility and apologizes for dropping the ball. Ellie reveals that her friend always fights with her parents, and Ellie doesn't want her relationship with her dad to be like that. Sean is so proud of his daughter that he decides to lift the threat of grounding her over the weekend. Ellie gets to go on her trip and Sean gets to go to the wedding! Suddenly, Sean realizes his mother is still coming over for dinner, and the three rush to figure out a way to prevent her from knowing Sean didn't follow through with his threat.

Sean calls the Greek restaurant down the street for an emergency delivery. Stavros shows up at Sean's door half an hour later with the food... and his eye on Liz. Sean hurries to plate the food, but before he can push Stavros out the door, Lorna shows up early! Sean nervously introduces Lorna to Liz's new boyfriend... Stavros. Liz goes along with the awful life because she really needs Sean at that wedding! It doesn't take Lorna too long to call Sean out for lying, and when the jig is up, Sean decides to just defend his decision as a parent. He is proud of Ellie for owning up to her mistakes, and Sean thinks that's enough from Ellie to earn her weekend trip. As for Lorna? Sean grounds her from criticizing anything for an entire week. But, but! No buts, Lorna. Sean's house... Sean's rules!

The next day at work, Sean takes a muffin to the face while typing away in his office... and the perpetrator is Hunter! Max marches in to Sean's office wearing a massive grin. Now that he's clearly won the bet, Max would like Sean to criticize everyone in the office individually. Sean reluctantly agrees, and when the entire office is summoned, he decides to start with Max. "Max, I think you dye your mustache," Sean says. Max quivers his lip in embarrassment and tells everyone to get back to work... that was enough criticism to satisfy his appetite!






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