The River

Episode 1.05 : Peaches

  • The River
    • Episode Premiere : February 28, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Thriller, Mystery
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, DreamWorks Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

With Jonas healed and the crew having gained his knowledge as to Emmet's last whereabouts, it's full steam head for our crew. Except a heavy fog has set in forcing them to crawl down the Boiuna with all hands on deck looking out for anything in the water that could run them aground.

While keeping an eye out for potential danger Lena and Jonas have some time to reconnect. Lena shares that with everyone's sole focus on finding Emmet she feels her father has been forgotten. Jonas understands and the two grow close over shared memories of Russ Landry.

With the night fog still thick our crew is jolted to attention when what appears to be a boat up ahead becomes visible. Tess tries to get the other boats attention and warn them that they are headed straight for one another, but the boat doesn't respond. She sounds the horn. Nothing. With the boat growing closer she is forced to shut the engine of the Magus down. Thinking on his feet Lincoln grabs some flares but still the boat charges forward heading straight towards The Magus. Nearly on top of them, Lincoln peers overboard and notices the impossible. The Boiuna itself is... Boiling. Piping hot. Bubbling up. Steam wafting. The mysterious boat charges forward still. As the crew braces for impact, Tess redirects their course to avoid slamming into the other boat, but accidentally slams The Magus against a rock. When the crew gets their bearings back they realize, the mysterious other boat? Nowhere to be found.

Down in the engine room Emilio and Jahel deliver news no one wants to hear. The Magus has been crippled and cannot continue on. Not unless they can somehow find a new part. So as it stands, The Magus is grounded indefinitely.

Night turns to day and day once again to night. For hours on end with no response Tess isolates herself in the captain's room calling out to anyone that could possibly help. "Mayday, Mayday, Madyday. All stations this is The Magus Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot. Requesting a tow. Need immediate assistance." No one responding but her determination never waning.

Tired of waiting around and doing nothing Lincoln is determined to head out to his dad's last known whereabouts—the Sahte Falls. Kurt advises against this, as it's four days by Zodiac and four weeks on foot. The odds of surviving are nonexistent.

In the midst of this debate, another solution appears to have come to their aid as a boat responds to Tess' mayday. The Exodus and her crew of four are here to help.

Having come aboard The Magus, the Exodus crew is able to supply Emilio and Jahel with the part they need. Always alert, Kurt advises everyone not to trust these strangers so easily but, despite his warnings, it appears to the rest of the crew that they are merely do-gooders, simply trying to stop illegal logging.

Not heeding to Kurt's warning, The Magus crew invites The Exodus team to stay for some dinner and drinks. But Kurt, still suspicious isn't so ready to drop his guard and as the captain excuses himself to go to the bathroom Kurt heads to the editing bay where he knows he can watch his every move. Once there Kurt's suspicions are rewarded as he overhears a conversation that leads us to believe they are indeed not who they say they are.Out on the deck Jonas and Lena spot someone on The Exodus. But that would make five people. They said they were only four and all four are on The Magus...

Intrigued, Lena and Jonas sneak away and onto The Exodus. The ship is old and decaying. Not even a radio. How did they hear the mayday call then?

Back on The Magus, Kurt asks to speak with their Captain alone and leads him to his room. Once inside Kurt slams him against the wall grabbing him by the throat and telling him he needs to gather his crew and get off The Magus immediately. The captain doesn't comply and Kurt is forced to shoot him square in the chest. But no blood. No bullet hole. As Kurt inspects his expected kill the Exodus Captain springs to life tossing Kurt clear across his room with a simple shove.

The Exodus proves even more odd when Lena hears banging coming from a locked room. Her and Jonas go below to investigate where they find an emaciated man sitting in the dark. Closer still and Lena's heart skips a beat. It's not just some man. It's her father, Russ. Before she can come to grips with this reality, Kurt it thrown in, and the door slams behind her locking her, Kurt and Jonas in.

Lena, beside herself that she has found her father doesn't notice the shackles that bind her father at first. Asking for an explanation Russ tells the legend of The Exodus. "The Exodus... it's some kind of ghost ship," he explains. The crew is caught in a plane of in between. Ghosts who sail the Boiuna looking for live bodies to take their place. If you're still on The Exodus when the sun comes up, you become one of them and swap places with your captor allowing them to walk free. As of now, Kurt, Lena and Russ are trapped leaving The Exodus in need of only one more body.

Back on The Magus, Tess befriends one of the members of The Exodus crew; who uses the promise of an accurate map of the Boiuna to lure Tess over to The Exodus. Once there, Tess is grabbed and trapped by all four of The Exodus crewmembers. They have filled their quota and sunrise is less than an hour away.

Now locked in with the rest of the trapped crew Tess comes face to face with her husband's best friend, Russ Landry. She asks about Emmet but Russ isn't even sure if Emmet knows about himself. He was obsessed with magic and believed it all came from one source. The last time he saw Emmet was when he trekked into the Sahte region on foot convinced he would find what he was looking forHaving noticed that the numbers on The Magus have suddenly plunged, Lincoln starts to look for everyone. A drunk Clark and AJ aren't much help but tell him that everyone went on the other boat. Making his way to the deck Lincoln is just in time to see the Exodus moving down river making a break for it with his mom, Lena, Kurt, Jonas and unbeknownst to Lincoln, Russ Landry.

With The Magus still out of commission Lincoln and Clark are forced to take the Zodiacs in pursuit of The Exodus. As the sun threatens daylight our Magus crew captive aboard the Exodus inches closer to death.

Meanwhile back on the Exodus, Kurt kicks and kicks at the door trying to break it open. Jonas is doing all he can using his camera. He is successfully is able to send a live feed to The Magus editing bay featuring Lena calling for help. Jahel nearly misses the mayday call but catches it in the nick of time and sends the coordinates of The Exodus to the Zodiac rescue mission. They have five minutes until sunrise and the captive Magus team is one kilometer away.

The Zodiacs pull up to the ghost ship with three minutes to go. Inside Kurt works himself bloody but finally pries the door open. The Magus captives rush to the deck just as Lincoln and Clark get there. As Clark discovered earlier Lincoln's attempt at shooting the Exodus crew members is proving futile. However, it is ultimately Kurt's keen observation from earlier on The Magus that these ghosts can be hurt with fire that saves the team. With no time to spare Lincoln strikes a flare and burns one of them alive. Now knowing how to defeat them, The Exodus crew is locked inside their own ship as Kurt sends the entire vessel up in flames.

Lena tries to pull her father to rescue off the burning Exodus and onto the Zodiacs but she finds out it's not that simple. For her own father has been turned into one of them. He can't leave the ship. Lena fights him but it's Lincoln who recognizes the situation and pulls her to safety. As the Zodiacs make their way back to the safety of The Magus, The Exodus and Lena's father go up in flames.

A son and a wife have gained further insight as to their father and husband but it's a day of mourning as ultimately a daughter has lost her father.

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