The Red Road

Episode 1.06 : Snaring of the Sun

  • The Red Road
    • Episode Premiere : April 03, 2014
    • Distributor : Sundance Channel
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2015
    • Production Company: -
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Harold listens to Brian's final cassette, stolen from the police station. In a flashback, Brian and Harold hike to the lake and drink beer. After Harold passes out, Brian dictates a goodbye message to Jean. "I wanna be gone and not have to think anymore," he says. He then swims into the lake and commits suicide.

In the middle of a high school football game the next night, and distracted by news that Brian is missing, Harold gets severely injured in a tackle.

Back to the present: Harold gives the retrieved cassette to Jean. She yells at him for lying about Brian and orders him to leave. She destroys the cassette.

Phillip tells Junior the pills were confiscated by police. He says the drug dealers will hunt him down for failing to deliver. He gives Junior a gun for protection.

Jean looks for Phillip at Marie's house and apologizes to Marie. Marie tells Jean where Phillip is staying.

At the station, Harold sees police carrying barrels of sludge found in the mine. Captain Warren orders Harold to remove all mentions of sludge from the police report. Harold refuses.

Junior spots Rachel with another boy. He confronts her then says he's dropping out of school.

Jean visits Phillip at a motel.

The drug dealer stops by Phillip's motel room but Phillip is gone so the dealer shoots the cleaning maid.

Phillip and Jean stroll through the woods and kiss. Jean says she knows, he didn't kill Brian. Phillip says, he could've had a life if he hadn't been accused. As he leaves, Jean starts hallucinating.

At the motel murder scene, Harold recognizes Phillip's ring on a table and overhears a witness talking about the guest leaving with a redhead. Harold runs to his car.

Jean discards her phone in the woods and swims into the lake. A hunter who's found her phone answers a call from Harold then tells him he's at Turner Lake.

In the lake, Jean hears voices and hallucinates seeing Brian. Harold saves her then swims back to shore. "I can't lose you," he says.

Kate comes home to find Phillip waiting for Harold.Later, Harold asks Rachel to look after Jean at home. He leaves to respond to a carjacking.

Marie hosts a barbecue. Phillip stops by to ask for money before skipping town.

Outside, Sky asks why Phillip silenced witnesses of Jean's accident. Jack shows up in a hijacked cop car. "You set me up!" he screams and aims his gun at Phillip. Junior shoots Jack. Police arrive and handcuff Junior and Phillip. Harold puts Phillip in his car.

En route to the station, Phillip says Jean told him the truth about Brian. He mentions that he was at Harold's house with Kate. Harold pulls into a parking lot and beats Phillip.

The drug dealer and his henchmen show up and order Harold to hand Phillip over. In a shootout, Harold and Phillip kill all three men. Exhausted, they slump against Harold's car and stare at each other.






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