Episode 3.18 : My Brother's Wedding

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : February 28, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
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Cast and Crew

The Story

After the camping trip, both Crosby and Jasmine have to face the music - the unpleasant task of telling Lily and Joe that it's over. Lily is furious, but Joe can't hate Jasmine, even though she's leaving him with a very big and empty new house. Camille and Zeek are delighted with the wedding news, especially when they learn that it was Jasmine who proposed. Since they want to get married this week, Crosby and Jasmine were planning a trip to City Hall, but Zeek won't hear of it, insisting they do it in the backyard. Sarah stops by Amber's apartment with the news; it's also a good opportunity to talk about Bob. Amber admits she hasn't yet talked to him, and she's already figured out that she has to pick love or the job. Bob's a cool guy, and that's rare; and it makes her decision all the harder.

Adam drops a bomb. He met with Richard Gilchrist while Crosby was camping, and he more than doubled his million-dollar offer for The Luncheonette. Adam wants to sell. All Crosby will say is, "I'm getting married this week." That evening, Zeek gathers the family to assign tasks for the wedding. Julia will take care of the cake; Amy and Drew are on Jordan almond wedding favors; Sarah's on rose petal duty; Joel will make the chuppah; and as best man, Adam's in charge of the bachelor party. Crosby announces that there's been a change in the wedding party. His old pal Billy's in town, so he'll take care of the bachelor party. Adam's been replaced. Adam offers to talk outside, but Crosby wants to talk about it right here, right now, telling everyone that Adam had a meeting to sell The Luncheonette behind his back. The fight quickly escalates. Crosby invites Adam to leave, then throws a drink at him as he's on his way out the door. In a flash, Adam and Crosby are on each other and down on the floor as the whole family watches.

Camille helps Joel pack up the baby's room. She's nearly in tears, wanting to comfort Julia, but she doesn't really know what to do. Julia insists she's okay, asking her mom to keep her busy during wedding week. Bob sits down in Kristina's office, asking to talk, since she hasn't been talking to him. Kristina admits that although she thinks Bob is a great politician, she doesn't trust him anymore. Bob asks her forgiveness for developing feelings for Amber. Kristina's known him for a long time, and she knows he's not a bad guy. He hopes she'll be able to accept this and move on because he needs her on the campaign. At work, Sarah gives Mark the news about the wedding, asking him to be her date. He remarks that if you're going to do the last-minute wedding, why not do it in romantic Ireland? Sarah immediately wonders about their baby, voicing her concern that she might not even get pregnant. Clearly, she's not convinced that Mark understands what the whole baby business is about.

Adam, Kristina and the kids are just cooking Boeuf Bourguignon and discussing the big fight when Zeek stops by to talk to Adam. He really doesn't want his sons arguing during the week of Crosby's wedding. Angry, Adam tells Zeek that it's none of his business. When Adam starts yelling, Zeek yells louder. He doesn't want that crazy bastard Billy as best man. Max steps in to ask if the guys are fighting and puts an end to it, but not before Zeek orders Adam to "fix it!" Meanwhile, Jasmine checks in with Crosby about the situation with Adam. Crosby explains that it's their perpetual cycle: Adam always knows best and lords it over Crosby. Jasmine thinks Crosby's taking it all too personally - it's business. Adam wants to be in a business, and Crosby's happy in the business he's in. Maybe it's not the same thing, and Crosby shouldn't forget, Adam's his brother.

Things are getting pretty hot and heavy between Drew and Amy. She stops the making out for a moment to tell him she's ready, and Drew promises to "get the stuff." That night, Zoe takes a cab over to Joel and Julia's. Joel is just sending her away when Julia runs after her. She's pleased to hear that Zoe's mom is helping out, and Troy's not around anymore. In tears, Zoe apologizes, swearing she didn't know her feelings for the baby until he was in her arms. Furthermore, Julia changed her life. Julia returns the watch Zoe gave her for the baby, turns on her heel and heads back into the house. Sarah stops by Mark's place with a lot on her mind. She's been up all night - what if she can't have a baby? She's not even sure she wants one. When Mark claims he doesn't need to have a kid, Sarah insists he doesn't really know. They're both in tears when he says, "I love you and you love me and that's all that matters." Sarah doesn't think that's all that matters - she doesn't want to take fatherhood away from him. Mark can't believe it - is Sarah breaking up with him?! She is...

Joel and Julia meet with Loretta at the adoption agency. They're looking to "widen their net" - any ethnicity, boy or girl, they just want a baby. Loretta offers one other option, asking if they know what a "sky baby" is. Would they accept a child whose parent hasn't made adoption arrangements in advance? They're open, but Julia wants to know if the parent can still take the child away in these situations? - and the answer is yes. Crosby stops by to talk to Adam. He can't make Adam work at The Luncheonette, so he has Crosby's blessing to sell it. Adam apologizes for going behind Crosby's back; he wants to have a few beers and talk it out. For Crosby, there's nothing to talk about. That's when Billy blasts through the door. He has to use the bathroom before the bachelor party.

That weekend, the choir from Renee's church group is singing a sweet song in the backyard as Jasmine walks down the aisle. The family couldn't be happier to welcome Jasmine, and before long, they're cutting up the dance floor at the reception. Adam joins Haddie for a slow number with news that she doesn't have to worry about Cornell anymore. It turns out she wasn't worried at all. Across the dance floor, Zeek asks about Mark - where is he? Sarah admits they broke up, and she doesn't want anyone else to know; and no, she isn't really okay. Sadly, this gives Billy an opportunity to hit on her. Sarah's not the only one who's sad. Julia and Joel are doing their best to make the best of it, but not Amber. She texts Bob and heads out. Adam tells Crosby that he gave Gilchrist the high sign. Except for the paperwork, it's a done deal. Adam still wants to talk, but Crosby doesn't, leaving Adam sweltering with guilt. Upstairs in his bedroom, Drew is sweltering too, on the verge of executing his very first sexual congress with Amy.

Sekou toasts his sister Jasmine, finally accepting Crosby as a part of her life. When he tries to hand the mike to the best man, Billy is discovered sleeping off his drunk in a corner, so Adam grabs the mike. Of course, Adam can't resist the opportunity to bash Crosby at first, but then he starts talking about The Luncheonette and the offer to buy it. Standing here looking at his brother and his family, Adam's decided that he doesn't want his life to change. He gets to go to work every day with his brother, and he doesn't know what he'd do without him. He pulls out the napkin containing the life-changing offer to buy the business and rips it up. It's not long before Adam is stunning his new relatives, bringing his "fever" to the dance floor.

When Amber finds Bob at the campaign office, she's already in tears. She apologizes for not returning his calls, but she had some stuff to sort out. Her whole life, she's been making decisions based on emotion with no regard to what's good for her. She can't work for Bob and be with him at the same time. So somehow, she has to ask him if she can still be his assistant - just his assistant. Bob assures her that she has a job, even if he's disappointed and sad. It would be a privilege to have her come back to work. Amber can't resist giving Bob a lengthy hug, having just enjoyed a small, bittersweet victory.

Sarah's just giving Billy the brush-off one more time, when Mark catches her hand on the dance floor. He's made a tactical error by skipping over a very important step when they started talking about a baby. So - will Sarah marry him? Sarah's look says it all. They have their moment as Crosby and Jasmine jump into the Triumph and drive off, with the whole family waving goodbye.

After a late-night call, Joel and Julia stand at the curb waiting for Loretta. She's got nine-year-old Victor in the car. His mother was just incarcerated, and she gave up Victor for adoption. They'll do the paperwork later, but right now, Loretta needs a verbal confirmation that they want to adopt Victor. It's all pretty awkward, but true to her nature, Julia jumps in, asking Victor to come inside and have something to eat.

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