Episode 3.17 : Remember Me, I'm The One Who Loves You

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : February 21, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Crosby's in bed with Lily, practicing scary stories to tell on a school camping trip he's taking with Jabbar and Jasmine. Across town, Dr. Joe covers Jasmine's eyes, leading her to the living room for a surprise. He's set up the tent he's lending her for a camping trip. Dr. Joe claims he's not worried about the trip, and Jasmine reassures him. She won't be staying overnight. After just waking up, Mark proposes a move to New York City. Sarah can work on her plays, and they can have a baby in New York just as well as in Berkeley. They can plan it while Drew's in his senior year in high school. It's the type of exciting but scary dream Sarah has never allowed herself to consider.

Sarah's surprised to find Amber at Camille and Zeek's, doing laundry during the day. Amber has to admit she quit her job, shocking her mother - why did she quit? Claiming she didn't fit in, Amber walks away, promising to talk more later. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine pack for their camping trip. Crosby insists they don't need Dr. Joe's tent. The Kennedys have Hyannis Port, and the Bravermans have the family tent, where more than one Braverman was conceived. Crosby's surprised to learn Jasmine doesn't intend to sleep over. Meanwhile, Julia steals some flavored ice for Zoe, who's between contractions in a hospital bed. Zoe admits she never told her mom and her sister she was pregnant. When a nurse comes in with news that it's time to proceed to the delivery room, Zoe cries and begs. She doesn't want to go.

Crosby is leaving work to go on the camping trip when Adam steps in. They need to discuss Gilchrist's offer. Refusing to "put a price tag on his dream," Crosby walks away, angering Adam, who pounces. This is a business; they're partners, and they need to discuss this! For his part, Crosby can't see how they would sell the business they just built with their own hands. He thought they were in it for the long haul. Adam admits he loves the business too, but he has financial problems he doesn't know how to solve; so Crosby doesn't get to just unilaterally decide what they're doing. Insisting he won't sell, Crosby slams out.

Sarah stops by the campaign office to ask Kristina what happened with Amber's job. Already embarrassed, Kristina asks Sarah to close the door, then tells her that Amber and Bob were about to have an affair during the Sacramento business trip. Kristina found them half-undressed, and after she brought Amber home, she wouldn't come back to work. Kristina admits Bob isn't married, and yes, he's only 28. That's when the argument starts. According to Sarah, people date at work all the time, and Amber has to make her own mistakes and learn from them. Who's Kristina really worried about - Amber or her boss? Kristina tells Sarah it's time for her to leave. If this were Haddie, Kristina hopes to God Sarah would have done the same for her.

Amber's practicing her guitar when Kristina stops by to apologize for how everything went down in Sacramento. She didn't mean to embarrass Amber or make a scene, but she's not sorry about why she did it. Amber understands why Kristina did what she did; she's just confused about what to do next. Kristina admits that when she was Amber's age, she made some really stupid decisions she regrets. She doesn't want to see Amber give up and hopes she'll come back to work. Meanwhile, Adam meets with Gilchrist again, intending to keep their drink friendly, but he can't help mentioning how impressive the business offer is. Gilchrist admits his company offered a million because The Luncheonette is cool and one-of-a-kind. He also knows what Adam's done in business and that Adam knows a once-in-a-lifetime windfall when he sees one. Despite Adam's protests, Gilchrist shoves another offer across the table, which is so gigantic, Adam promises to talk Crosby into it.

Adam and Crosby go out for drinks with Richard Gilchrist, a bigwig from West Coast Recording, a large recording studio conglomerate. Claiming his company is blown away with all they've done with The Luncheonette, Gilchrist wants to make them an offer to buy their studio. Even though the brothers repeatedly explain their business isn't for sale, Gilchrist insists on letting them know that their takeaway from the deal would be $1 million. Adam is clearly tempted, but Crosby doesn't hesitate to push the offer back across the table. The Luncheonette isn't for sale. Across town, Zoe is grocery shopping when the inevitable finally happens. Her water breaks! Terrified, she calls Julia to come get her. All business, Julia jumps out of bed and gets dressed, as Joel reminds her - their son is coming!

Crosby watches Jabbar and Jasmine sleeping, then gets up and leaves the tent. Jasmine follows him out to apologize for talking about telling Jabbar about moving in with Joe. She's sorry; she didn't intend to ruin their trip. Crosby insists Jasmine didn't ruin anything - he did, a year ago when he blew their relationship apart, and he wishes he could go back in time and fix it. Jasmine gives him a hug. They just have to get through this part, even if it hurts. The next morning, Joel, Julia and Sydney are beyond excited on their walk into the hospital to pick up the baby. Julia wants to stop by Zoe's room first, telling Joel and Sydney to meet her at the nursery. Zoe's not in her room, so Julia proceeds to the nursery, where Zoe is holding the baby; clearly, she's had a change of heart. Not a word is exchanged, but in this moment, Julia is devastated by the truth.

Julia's feet take her down the hallway, and she reaches the elevator just as Joel and Sydney step off. Julia can only say that the baby is fine, but... Understanding, Joel ushers Sydney back onto the elevator. Julia stumbles into an empty room and lets her grief pour out. Across town, Amber knocks on Sarah's door. She doesn't have anything to say, so Sarah draws back the bedcovers. Amber climbs into bed for a snuggle. She doesn't want to talk about it; she just wanted to see her mom.

A stream of water plinking on his forehead awakens Crosby. It's pouring rain, and his magic tape has failed epically! Crosby and Jasmine scramble to pack up the tent. After loading the car, Crosby thanks her for coming on the trip. And Jasmine shouldn't worry about telling Jabbar about moving in with Joe. It's going to be fine. Jasmine and Crosby get into their respective cars and stare at each other. When Crosby starts to drive away, Jasmine runs into the rain to flag him down. She loves him; she loves their family, and she wants to be his wife. Will he marry her? She knows she's bossy, and they'll argue all the time... Crosby wastes no time accepting her proposal and waving Jabbar out of the car to join in the celebration.

Sarah stops by the house to apologize to Kristina, who admits she overreacted - she should never have gone to Sacramento. Sarah explains she's been overly sensitive about her kids lately because she's thinking about moving to New York with Mark. Kristina is thrilled - Sarah should quit worrying and just do it! She deserves to be happy. That night, Crosby, Jabbar and Jasmine are having a grand old time roasting marshmallows when Jasmine burns her hand. Crosby takes her off for a little first aid; it's a very tender moment, which clearly has Jasmine's wheels turning. She gets quiet, then admits it's time for her to tell Jabbar about moving in with Joe. After more family fun singing songs, it's time to go to bed. Jasmine makes a move to leave, but Jabbar doesn't have to work too hard to persuade her to spend the night.

With much fanfare, Crosby erects the Braverman family tent, which Jasmine notices is lopsided and patched all over with duct tape. What happens if it rains? Crosby promises the rain won't go through his "magic tape" and refuses to sleep in Dr. Joe's tent. When Jasmine asks about work, Crosby tells her about the offer to buy The Luncheonette. Does she think he should sell it? Jasmine immediately says no - The Luncheonette is like his home; he should never sell. Meanwhile, Adam takes a call from Gilchrist, who persuades him to hook up for another drink, even though Adam tells him they won't be selling, and Crosby's out of town. As her labor continues, Zoe wails, convinced she's going to die. Julia sticks with her, promising she will survive. When Zoe tells Julia that she loves her, Julia admits the obvious - she loves Zoe, too.

After a long, arduous labor, Zoe's baby comes out perfect, but she refuses to hold him. Taking her new son in her arms, Julia's overwhelmed with emotion. Mark shows up at Sarah's with an impromptu picnic dinner. Sarah explains that she called a producer friend who's now in New York, who promised to help her get started. Mark is pleasantly surprised to find that Sarah is actually taking this idea seriously and promises that they will both make sure her kids are okay before making any big decisions.

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