Episode 3.08 : In-Between

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : November 08, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
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Cast and Crew

The Story

It's an important moment for The Luncheonette. Adam and Crosby are interviewing for their first hire, the assistant/receptionist. Most of the applicants are lackluster, with the exception of pretty and poised Rachel Hannon. She knows all the local bands, aspires to manage and has the motto that life is too short to do anything other than what you love. Crosby's ready to hire her - she's got everything they need, and she's the best candidate. So why is Adam holding back? Is it because Rachel's hot? This isn't the shoe industry, and it wouldn't hurt to have a little eye candy up front. Adam acts appalled, but clearly Rachel's hotness is something of an issue for him. Especially since he and Kristina are experiencing the usual dry spell after a pregnancy. When Crosby offers some advice, Adam tells him to back off. After a baby's born is the time when a husband has to wait until his wife is ready to initiate intimacy.

Drew and Amy are doing homework while Zeek looks for his keys. Zeek wants to know if Drew invited Amy to The Luncheonette's opening party on Friday night. He didn't, so Zeek steps in, offering to put Drew's "girlfriend" on the list. Drew's mortified - but is it because his grandfather invited Amy, or that he called her Drew's girlfriend? Meanwhile, Sarah escorts Seth, fresh out of rehab, back to the crappy motel where he was staying before rehab. The place is disgusting and quite possible unsanitary, but all Sarah will say is, "It's so far." Seth tells her he intends to take a few days to settle in and get into a therapy group. She's reluctant to leave, but he gives her a hug and sends her on her way.

Later, Sarah tells Amber all about Seth's motel, inaptly named The Relapse Inn. Nevertheless, Amber shouldn't worry because Sarah's sure it's going to be great. When Amber presses, Sarah admits she doesn't think it's the most hopeful environment for Seth's recovery. Seeing the stress wearing on her mother, Amber volunteers to give up her place so that Seth has a better place to stay for a while. On the way to a class, Camille informs Zeek they'll be babysitting on Friday night. Adam asked because Kristina's nervous, since it will be her first night away from baby Nora. Zeek doesn't like it; they have to go to the party to support their sons, and the Haight is their old stomping grounds! Nevertheless, Camille thinks the best way to support Adam and Crosby is by babysitting. She takes off, as Zeek's wheels crank into motion.

Crosby admires Jabbar's new Harry Potter sweatshirt while helping him pack up his backpack. Crosby has a plan for their night together: gluten-free pizza and finishing off "Goblet of Fire," the Harry Potter book they've been reading together. Jabbar informs that Dr. Joe likes Harry Potter too. He's not reading all seven books like Crosby and Jabbar; he just watches the movies. In fact, he brought over "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" the other night, which is two books ahead. Crosby's wounded, but doesn't say anything. Amber follows through on her offer to Seth, but when he shows up at her place, she's just this side of civil. Despite Seth's attempts to make their conversation light and thanking Amber from the heart, she explains the reason she's letting him stay is Sarah.

That night, Zeek stops by to see Adam just as a hectic Kristina is trying to get dinner on the table. Zeek doesn't want dinner, he just wants a confidential moment alone with his son. It seems Camille is upset she wasn't invited to The Luncheonette party - in fact, she feels shunned. This makes no sense to Adam, who thought Camille had no interest in coming. When Zeek suggests Adam find another babysitter, Adam promises to talk to Kristina and figure something out. Meanwhile, Sarah shares a bottle of wine with Mark and invites him to meet her family for the first time at the opening party. When Amber returns home from work, Mark asks what's up - why is she staying at her grandparents' house again? Sarah explains that Amber gave up her apartment to Seth for a little while to help with his transition. Sensing Mark's discomfort, Sarah changes the subject, but the discomfort lingers.

The next day at The Luncheonette, Crosby's still upset about Pottergate and accuses Adam of always taking Jasmine's side. Adam reminds Crosby that Jasmine already apologized - besides, this is really about the fact that Crosby thinks Dr. Joe is encroaching on his territory. He's going to need to rise above. Kristina stops by, surprised to meet Rachel, who's dressed in a belly shirt that exposes her black bra. Kristina's even more annoyed when Rachel doesn't recognize her as Adam's wife. Adam immediately points out that Kristina has milk on her chin and spit-up in her hair, inadvertently reducing her already shabby new mom self-esteem to nil. As soon as Rachel's out of earshot, Kristina asks whether Adam's gone from T&S to T&A. Adam insists that Rachel was the best person for the job. Kristina claims she believes Adam but rolls her eyes and turns the conversation to preparations for the party.

Drew apologizes to Amy. He didn't tell Zeek that Amy was his girlfriend; Zeek just thinks he hears things. Amy's not bothered, but Drew damns the torpedoes and carries on. If they don't want to confuse the elderly, they could just say they were boyfriend and girlfriend. And they could tell everyone else the same thing. And he's dead serious. Amy's serious too. In fact, how bout they make out, right now? Adam stops by his parents' house to invite Zeek and Camille to the party. Camille insists they're more than happy to watch the kids, but when Adam persists, she immediately knows Zeek's been up to no good. What's wrong with him? Camille insists that it's not just because it's Kristina's first night away from Nora, she too would feel more comfortable if she was watching the baby. Zeek can go to the party if he wants to. Sensing his only window, Zeek throws any sense of retribution to the wind and declares that he's going to the party. Expecting fireworks, Adam beats a hasty departure.

Sarah stops by Amber's apartment to bring Zeek a bag of groceries, but really she wants to check up on him. She's surprised to hear that Seth had a full day, doing yoga, taking a walk and talking to Drew about his first kiss. Since Drew won't tell her anything, Sarah wants details, but he can't break the father-son circle of trust. Seth opens a drawer, and the bottom falls out, sending Amber's stuff crashing to the floor. Seth's stunned to find a birthday card he sent to Amber on her eighth birthday. In a second, the scene becomes intimate, with both Seth and Sarah sitting on the floor. Seth announces he wants to make the situation right, then lunges at Sarah for a long, tender kiss.

Later, Amber's sitting outside reading, unbeknownst to Sarah, who's in the kitchen, baring her soul to Camille. With Mark, she has the best thing she's ever had in her life. But it's not about Mark. Finally, she's seeing Seth become the man she always knew he could be, and... she does picture the two of them together. All Camille can say is, "Wow," and Amber looks devastated. Meanwhile, Crosby watches "Half-Blood Prince" alone on his laptop at The Luncheonette. Adam has trouble printing a document, so a scantily clad Rachel offers to help, getting her exposed cleavage too close for Adam's comfort. Crosby enters and takes note, then makes fun. How's Adam's heart rate, and why does he look flushed? Jabbar runs in, dragging Crosby off to say hello to Jasmine, just in the nick of time.

Julia brings wine and moral support, helping Kristina select a dress for the party. The dress looks great, but Kristina's feeling awkward and uncomfortable, especially when she uncrosses her arms from in front of her chest to display her post-delivery cleavage. Kristina thinks she looks ridiculous, but Julia tells her she's ridiculously hot, reminding her they're going to be standing next to superhot 20-somethings. It's time to break out the big guns. None of this makes Kristina feel any better. Meanwhile, Crosby tries to engage Jabbar in a conversation about Harry Potter, but Jabbar's got bigger fish to fry. Dr. Joe bought him tickets to his very first football game! They're going next week.

Crosby barges into Dr. Joe's office to lay down the law. He's cool with Dr. Joe dating Jasmine, and he let the Harry Potter thing go; but there are certain firsts Crosby wants to share with Jabbar, just the two of them. And his first football game is one of those things. Crosby deserves to see Jabbar's face light up when he sees the field for the first time, and Dr. Joe needs to respect that. Meanwhile, Seth's chopping vegetables when Amber stops by the apartment to pick up her lipstick on the way to the party. Seth has good news: he found an apartment in town and has a lead on a job. He's not going to tour anymore and intends to set down some roots and start over. Amber doesn't crack a smile and leaves for the party.

The Luncheonette party is in full swing when Drew presents Amy as his girlfriend for the very first time to Amber, Julia and Kristina. Sarah abandons Mark to the Braverman men, who immediately start ribbing him for the cell phone photo scandal. Crosby leaves the roast to welcome Jasmine, who congratulates him for realizing the dream he told her about eight years ago. The two of them spend a brief moment remembering how much they love each other. When Sarah rescues Mark from the men, Julia and Amber notice how happy she is - glowing even. Rachel finds Kristina in a corner, chugging a glass of champagne. Their chat is awkward until Rachel notices that Kristina spilled something on her dress. But it's not a spill; Kristina's breasts are leaking, and she's mortified. Rachel immediately takes off her jacket and offers it to Kristina, revealing her skimpy, super-hot dress. Kristina gratefully accepts the jacket and rushes off.

Zeek is the life of the party, surrounded by a bevy of young beauties... until he discovers they have no idea who Grace Slick is. He decides to leave early and bring the party back home to Camille and the kids. Wild dancing ensues. Adam cuts out of the party to find Kristina upstairs in his office, trying to cope with the breast milk smear on her dress and feeling just awful. He assures her that she's absolutely beautiful to him, and not only that, he's completely horny for her. Kristina hates that word, but promises she'll be ready soon.

Amber stops by her apartment after the party to ask for Seth's help on something. She tears up and admits she's struggling. Sarah's been really happy the past couple of months, more than she's been in a while, and now that Seth's back... Seth realizes he's getting in the way, and Amber's apology confirms his suspicions. The next day, Dr. Joe stops by The Luncheonette to give Crosby the tickets to the football game. Crosby should take Jabbar. Dr. Joe understands where Crosby's coming from, but he has to realize that Dr. Joe isn't going anywhere. What he's got with Jasmine is real, so he's going to be in Jabbar's life.

Seth stops by Sarah's place on his way out of town. His cousin Eric offered him a job and a place to stay in Tahoe. He needs a fresh start. It's pretty clear that neither of them are really sure about this move, and their parting is filled with sorrow. Kristina wakes up feeling sassy, and Adam's thrilled to discover she's finally ready! Amber returns home to find that Seth's left her a package - an envelope full of birthday cards for every one he missed.

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