Episode 2.15 : Just Go Home

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : February 08, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Drew takes a bus across the bridge into San Francisco, as Adam stands in his kitchen, missing Haddie. He calls Sarah to ask how Haddie's doing. Meanwhile, Amber and Haddie take Max to the park and just happen to walk by the court where Alex is playing basketball. Amber quickly realizes that this little trip to the park isn't spontaneous; Haddie knew Alex would be there. Crosby and Jasmine drop off Jabbar at Joel and Julia's, then head to an engagement exploration class at church.

Drew meets his dad Seth at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. Drew discovered Seth's band was in town by checking out the band's website. Over dim sum, Seth catches up with his son and asks how Sarah and Amber are doing. Seth also asks if Drew will come see the band perform. When Drew accepts, Seth suggests inviting Amber as well. Haddie sits with Alex on the bleachers in the park while Amber and Max play ball. Alex tells her he's not mad at her and says it's good to see her, but doesn't stay long to talk. Haddie makes sure he knows she moved out of her parent's house.

Jasmine and Crosby sit with the engagement exploration counselor. Jasmine jumps to answer every question before Crosby can get a word in edgewise. When he does, Jasmine disagrees with everything he says. Crosby quickly gets discouraged and annoyed with the conversation. Back at home, Drew tells Amber that he spent the afternoon with their dad. Upset, Amber tells Drew she won't allow him to go to Seth's show. Drew doesn't plan to tell Sarah about any of this, but when Sarah walks into the conversation, Drew tells her everything. Sarah gets really upset; she'll be talking with Seth before Drew is allowed to see him again.

Camille joins Haddie on the porch to discuss the situation with her parents. When Camille asks about Alex, Haddie tells her that Alex remains firm on his decision not to date her until she smoothes things over with her parents. Camille encourages Haddie to go home and work things out. Crosby returns home to find Jasmine and her mom Renee planning their wedding. When Crosby starts asking questions, he realizes Jasmine and Renee have changed everything about the wedding day that he had a part in planning, including the date itself.

When Zeek finds Sarah checking out Seth's band's website, he comes clean. It was Zeek who encouraged Seth to reach out to Drew at Thanksgiving. That doesn't bother Sarah; Seth should reach out to his kids. Sarah's upset that Seth didn't reach out to her. She tries to explain that it's about the kids, but Zeek knows better. Over at Kristina and Adam's, Max tells his parents that he prefers playing basketball with Alex to playing with his dad and grandpa. Adam asks Max if he played with Alex the day Haddie and Amber took him to the park. Max confirms, saying that he wasn't supposed to tell them.

Sarah pays Seth a visit at his hotel. She skips the pleasantries, immediately asking whether he's drinking or using. Seth's been clean for nine months, which surprises Sarah. He admits screwing up time and time again, and apologizes for being absent from the kids' lives. He didn't know Drew came to see him without Sarah's blessing. Sarah tells Seth that she's going to think about letting Drew and Amber go to his show.

Crosby meets Adam at the diner to discuss the situation with Jasmine. Adam assumes Crosby is having pre-wedding jitters, but Crosby assures him it's more than that. Like usual, Adam thinks Crosby needs to grow up; he's a lucky to be marrying a woman like Jasmine. He thinks Crosby might be able to soften her up and she'll be able to toughen him up a little in marriage. Back at Zeek and Camille's, Sarah gives Drew permission to go to see Seth's band perform. Listening to the conversation, Amber offers to go with Drew and drive them to and from the show. Sarah's surprised by this development.

Adam, Kristina and Max are eating dinner when Haddie walks in with her suitcase. Without asking questions, Kristina gets her a plate of food and they sit down to dinner as a family. Meanwhile, Crosby unloads on Jasmine while they load the dishwasher. All in one breathe, he claims she's too controlling - he doesn't have a voice in their relationship!

Jasmine and Crosby get into a huge argument, leaving Jasmine in tears and Crosby walking out the door. Now that Haddie's home, Adam and Kristina lay down the new rules. They agree to let her date Alex, but only twice a week. Schoolwork comes first, and they can't go to Alex's apartment. Haddie agrees with the restrictions and they all embrace. In San Francisco, Amber and Drew attend Seth's concert. During their set, Seth introduces a song that he wrote with Sarah, pulling at Drew and Amber's heartstrings a little. After the show, Amber and Drew go backstage to see Seth. Just as Seth introduces them to the band, Amber tells Drew it's time for them to leave.

Sarah and Zeek wait up for Amber and Drew. When they get home, Drew thanks Sarah for letting them go; he had a terrific time. After they head up to bed, Sarah takes a quiet moment with Zeek. The next morning, Adam, Kristina, Max and Haddie enjoy a big family breakfast in their kitchen. Max asks Haddie to call Alex and set up a basketball game, despite Adam's offer to take him to the park. In a big move, Adam and Kristina take Max and Haddie together to meet Alex at the park, where they all play a game of basketball together.






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