Episode 1.13 : Lost and Found

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : May 25, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Haddie's smiling for the first time in weeks, and that's because she's cut her hair and dyed it black. When she makes an appearance at breakfast, it's like a bomb went off. Max likes Haddie's new look because to him, she looks like a black widow spider, but Adam and Kristina are horrified. Preferring not to discuss it, Haddie hurries off to school. Meanwhile, Sarah scurries around helping Drew find his missing homework. Drew's thinking about trying out for Adam's old baseball team, and asks Sarah if Adam will coach him. Things have been a little frosty since the Steve incident, but Sarah promises to ask Adam.

Crosby's making breakfast when the phone rings with good and bad news. Jasmine's in Alvin Ailey! Now she has to move to New York City by the end of the week. Crosby's supportive, but close to tears. When Sarah stops by to talk to Adam, Kristina answers the door. It's instantly clear she's mad at Sarah. Sarah escorts herself in, and quickly asks if Adam will help Drew, then escorts herself out. Backing out of the driveway, Sarah smacks into Adam's car, busting his taillight. Still smarting from her encounter with Kristina, Sarah makes a split-second decision, and drives away.

Fresh off her nasty encounter with Kristina, Sarah stops by the school library to find Mr. Cyr, hoping to talk about Amber. Amber's been cutting classes, and Sarah's worried she's about to unravel. Moving to Berkeley was mistake; at least in Fresno they could make a mess without disrupting the whole family. When Sarah decides it's time to move away, Mr. Cyr finally pipes up. Running away from problems is never an answer. Sarah's an incredible mother and Amber will be just fine. Sarah melts when Mr. Cyr begs, "Please don't leave."

Crosby helps Jabbar try on a raincoat, a new hand-me-down from Max that will help out in rainy NYC. Jabbar asks why he calls Crosby by his name - he could call him Daddy. Crosby leaves the decision up to Jabbar, and father and son take off for a fun day on the town. After school, Kristina confronts Haddie over her hair, fearful that her daughter's trying to be someone she's not. What's more, the school called - Haddie ditched chemistry for the first time ever. Did she do it because Amber and Steve are in her class? Haddie claims none of it has anything to do with Amber or Steve, she just wanted a change.

Kristina vents her concerns to Adam - Haddie's completely shut down - but he thinks it's just growing pains. Kristina wants to talk, but Adam's late for a date to coach Drew. Kristina seethes calmly - helping Drew, that's so awesome! Shouldn't Adam focus on his own family right now? Sarah visits Camille in her studio to ask what's going on with Matthew. Although it's none of Sarah's business, Camille admits she's not seeing Matthew anymore.

When Camille complains Zeek talks to everyone but her, Sarah tells her that Julia's having Timm over for dinner to discuss the property deal. Camille should be there, too. Camille agrees, but Zeek didn't invite her, and this is what she's talking about. Growing impatient, Sarah advises Camille not to sit around and wait for Zeek, or she could wait forever. Camille agrees again. This is no time to be a victim, and she's really glad that she taught Sarah all this stuff.

Zeek bunks with Crosby. Father and son share a night of booze and piano playing. Zeek insists Camille will forgive him, and the whole thing's going to blow over. The other topic he wants to discuss is Jabbar - Crosby can't let Jasmine take him to New York. He has to put his foot down. Crosby claims Zeek doesn't know the whole story - what does he know about dancing, anyway? The one thing Zeek does know is that Crosby has to man up. Jabbar is his son, and he can't let him slip away.

The Braverman kids meet at the Pancake House for lunch, where Haddie's hair is the hot topic. Sarah and Julia think Haddie will be okay, but Crosby pours salt in the wound. Julia spies Adam's broken taillight, and he explains that it was a hit and run - unconscionable! Sarah squirms, but doesn't own up. Crosby tells everyone about drinking with Zeek, and Julia comments that Camille has been weirdly negative at the prospect of reuniting with Zeek. When Sarah and Adam exchange looks, Crosby and Julia finally insist on knowing the truth about Zeek's affair. In the aftermath of disbelief, Adam tells Sarah that he can't practice with Drew tonight - he's trying to keep the peace at home.

Amber comes home from school to find Sarah doing her best to coach Drew. When Sarah explains Adam couldn't make it, Amber automatically assumes it's her fault - they probably think it's her fault that Haddie dyed her hair, too. Sensing a fight, Drew begs the females to stop, but Sarah steps off: maybe Amber should have thought about the consequences of her actions before sleeping with Steve. She's tired of Amber's whining, and her misery is bringing them all down. All she wants is for Amber to take a step beyond, "Oh, this feels good." Crushed, Amber walks away, as Sarah realizes she probably went too far.

While helping Jasmine pack up the apartment, Crosby asks if they can talk about "the plan" for himself and Jabbar. He doesn't want Jabbar to feel like he's going to lose his dad. It's important that Jasmine is really clear about why Crosby can't just move with them. Jasmine promises Crosby they'll visit a lot, and there's always the phone. Tears flow. Back at the houseboat, Crosby tells Zeek the plan. When Zeek scoffs, Crosby lays into him. He's got a lot of nerve giving advice after cheating on Camille. Zeek's going to lose her, and he needs to take his own advice, man up, and fight for her.

The next morning, Sarah brings coffee and apologies to Amber's room, but when she opens the door, Amber's gone. Sarah rushes over to Adam's, hoping to get Steve's phone number. Kristina answers the door, making excuses for why she didn't answer Sarah's multiple phone calls, and claiming she's trying to be kind so as not to say anything she'll regret. It's only when Adam shows up that anyone bothers to ask why Sarah needs Steve's number - Amber's missing, and she's not answering her phone.

Adam and Sarah knock on Marjorie and Dale's door. When Steve pops in, Sarah asks if he's seen Amber. Steve's confused parents demand to know what's going on, so Sarah spills all the beans. Dale tries to send Steve upstairs, but he refuses, claiming he loves Amber. Adam blows up - wasn't Steve claiming to love Haddie!? Sarah holds Adam back, but he gets his last digs in. Steve has both the girls feeling miserable, and he's damn lucky he didn't have sex with Haddie. Adam and Sarah hit the road, hoping to find Amber in Fresno with her ex Damien, but she's not there.

Camille remains mostly silent over dinner with Timm at Julia's house, but Zeek is on fire, prickly and offensive. Julia tries to steer the conversation back to the property, but before they know it, Zeek is invoking Vietnam, and accusing Timm of patronizing him. Claiming Timm is part of the overall problem with the economy, Zeek asserts that he's too big to fail. Meanwhile, a cop pulls Adam over for the broken taillight. Adam hands over his license and registration, asking for the officer to give him a break.

While waiting for the cop, Sarah confesses to breaking Adam's taillight. Adam's stunned - what the hell!? Sarah panicked; she couldn't disappoint Adam again. Now they both know where Amber gets it from. Coming to Berkeley was a big mistake, and Sarah thinks they should move back to Fresno. Luckily, Amber picks this moment to pick up a phone. She's crying and scared, having hitched to a truck stop in Gilroy. Will Sarah please come and get her?

While waiting for the cop, Sarah confesses to breaking Adam's taillight. Adam's stunned - what the hell!? Sarah panicked; she couldn't disappoint Adam again. Now they both know where Amber gets it from. Coming to Berkeley was a big mistake, and Sarah thinks they should move back to Fresno. Luckily, Amber picks this moment to pick up a phone. She's crying and scared, having hitched to a truck stop in Gilroy. Will Sarah please come and get her?

On the way to Gilroy, Haddie explains she just needed a change - that's why she dyed her hair. She'd been feeling too predictable, something she learned from her relationship with Amber, who's different, free. Much as Haddie hates Amber for what she did with Steve, she wants to be more like her. Kristina assures Haddie that she's perfect the way she is, and it kills her to see Haddie hurting. When Kristina was Haddie's age, she allowed herself to be pressured into many things she regretted. Haddie confesses she's not ready to have sex - she's only 15! Relieved, Kristina congratulates Haddie for standing up for herself.

It's raining when Kristina and Haddie pull up at the truck stop. Everyone stares for a minute until Haddie gets out of the car and runs inside for a private conversation with Amber. Adam and Sarah pull up in time to see the cousins hugging, their conflict finally resolved. One thing's clear: Amber really likes Haddie's hair. Back at home, Sarah and Amber have a heart-to-heart. Sarah made a lot of mistakes when she was Amber's age, too. No matter what, she's glad Amber's her kid.

It's moving day. Crosby has breakfast with Jabbar, as Jasmine rushes around tending to last minute details. Crosby and Jabbar bond over their love of planes. When Jabbar calls Crosby "Daddy," he finally swings into action, insisting Jasmine stop for a minute to talk. Recalling how great Zeek was as a father, Crosby doesn't want Jabbar to go through life without his dad. It might be irrational, but right now, Crosby wants to get in the taxi with Jasmine and Jabbar and move to New York. When Jasmine asks, "What about your family?" Crosby admits that Jasmine and Jabbar are his family.

Drew and Adam practice baseball in the yard, as the family gathers before Drew's big tryout. Zeek shows up with his overnight bag. Camille offers to stay home, but Zeek wants them all to go together. When she says no, Zeek pulls out his big guns - he wants her back. Camille admits she needs room to find out who she is. Somehow, she lost herself, and that's why Zeek strayed. Claiming he wants to spend the rest of his life making a happy life with Camille, Zeek pulls out his ukulele for to serenade her. Later, the whole family - now reunited - cheers an embarrassed Drew on at his baseball tryouts.






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