Episode 1.10 : Namaste No More

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : May 04, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Early on Saturday morning, Jasmine and Crosby are languishing in bed after a steamy and strenuous night. When Jabbar knocks on the door, they freak out. Crosby tries to hide and get dressed at the same time, finally jumping out the window. Jasmine throws his shoes out after him and slams the window shut, as Crosby waves sheepishly to some nosy neighbors.

Adam and Kristina have set up a family playdate with Phil and Suze Lessing and their son Noel, who also has Asperger's. Adam and Kristina coach Max on the intricacies of friendship. Noel might be a friend and friends are fun. Max isn't too sure going in, and things don't look good when Adam spies Noel bear-hugging Max. For his part, Adam is less than thrilled by the prospect of friendship with Phil, who's a total recumbent bike nerd, and Suze is kind of a boring blabbermouth. When Noel starts rolling on the ground and Phil suggests a bike ride, Kristina pulls out the white lie. Max isn't feeling well and they have to leave.

Bad news - Sydney's soccer coach Greg Davis has quit three days before the season's start. Greg's hypercompetitive, and Joel's convinced he didn't want to coach Sydney's losing team, which is full of "athletically challenged" kids. A light bulb bursts inside Julia's head - she'll coach the team! When Joel points out how much Julia hates to lose, she explains. Angry that a kid could be branded a loser at the age of five, Julia intends to teach the kids that winning isn't everything. Sydney looks scared, but plasters a big fake smile on her face.

Sarah and Drew enter a pawnshop, looking for a cheap laptop that Sarah can use in her new Photoshop class. The surly owner shows her a chunky clunker, which Drew immediately nixes. They should be looking for a computer on Craigslist. Sarah's already distracted, having spotted a pair of gold and onyx cufflinks that look just like Zeek's. Suspicious, Sarah takes a photo with her cell phone.

Amber has a new job, waiting tables at the Berkeley Country Club. Steve's parents are members, so he's brought Haddie along for a golf course picnic. Amber warns Haddie that this is code for sex. Haddie laughs it off, preferring to believe it's an urban legend, but then Amber spies Steve pulling a blanket out of his bag. Meanwhile, Sarah confronts Zeek about the cufflinks she saw in the pawnshop, showing him the picture she took with her cell phone. Zeek claims he lost his cufflinks at the gym six months ago, and exacts Sarah's promise not to tell Camille they were stolen.

Hoping to make family friends with one of his work buddies Ben, who has a son David, Adam coaches Max on friendship. The first rule of being a good host is sharing. Second is letting the guest choose the activity. If you're playing with bugs, and your guest prefers to play basketball, what do you do? Max spits out the right answer, then demands a sticker, claiming he doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

Julia dons a sporty coaching outfit and takes to the field with her team of misfits. They're not going to define winning by what's on the scoreboard, but by each player developing their special skill, putting it together in a team and having fun! Everyone claps after Brian's break dance, but Tim's slurpy gum trick doesn't win the same level of respect. When Julia hears another team chanting "Namaste!" she looks across the field to see Raquel, running her crack team of ringers through a series of drills.

Haddie and Steve sit in the car after a weird day on the golf course. Steve doesn't want Haddie to do anything she doesn't want to do, but why not try again next week? When Haddie gets upset, Steve backs off - he'll wait until she's ready. Haddie claims she's not a piece of fruit that will just ripen; their relationship's not working. Steve is stunned. How did they just go from almost having sex to breaking up? Spying Adam spying on them from the house, Haddie slams out of the car. Breaking up is just what she has to do right now.

In the morning, Haddie is mostly silent, refusing to talk to Adam. All Kristina knows is Haddie broke up with Steve. Adam gloats, then reminds Kristina for the fifth time that his buddy Ben is coming over tonight with his family. Hopefully, they'll be new friends with potential for the top five friends list. Unable to get anywhere with Photoshop, Sarah whines to Camille - she can't do it. Camille figures out that Sarah hasn't even cracked the book - is she afraid of trying? Sarah contends that Camille has never experience failure greater than her organic pastry dough not rising. Camille's face crumples and she heads out, as Sarah calls after her. She was just kidding.

At school, Haddie tells Amber what happened with Steve. The golf course was horrible - cold and full of rocks and bugs. Haddie wanted it work, but it didn't and it wasn't good. It was like she wasn't with a person but a cliché. Or maybe a jerk. Amber agrees; it's not wise to cash in your V chip with a cliché. Haddie did the right thing, for sure. Meanwhile, Sarah returns to the pawnshop and convinces the guy behind the counter to break policy and show her his receipts. Not only did Zeek pawn the cufflinks, but several other treasures as well, including his war medals and a baseball signed by Reggie Jackson.

Julia plasters a fake crazy smile on her face for her team's first soccer game, which they lose 11 -0. Afterwards, Raquel coos condolences: Julia's kids are so cute. Raquel has so many good players that maybe Julia should take one - that way, the game would be more fun for everyone. Out of the corner of her eye, Julia spies Jabbar playing on the field, repeatedly kicking goals. A ringer! In the family no less! Rather than tell Raquel to step off, Julia answers her request with a simple, "Namaste."

Adam and Kristina have kicked out the jams, preparing a ton of beautiful food for their first family playdate with Ben, his wife Lisa and their son David. The only trouble is, it's clear that Max isn't David's cup of tea when it comes to new friends. Adam is just firing up the grill when David whispers in his mother's ear. Lisa stands up and announces they have to leave - David's not feeling well. Later that night, Adam pouts - how could they just leave like that? Kristina points out that they did the same thing to the Lessings, just the other day. Adam can't believe they're relegated to the short bus. Why can't they hang out with cool people? Kristina reminds him that it's not about them right now, it's about Max.

Crosby and Jasmine languish in bed, gearing up for round three. Jasmine wants to talk about Jabbar joining crazy Julia's soccer team, but Crosby has to pee first. He hops out of bed in his boxer shorts and runs into a sleepy Jabbar in the hallway. Crosby tells Jabbar that he's still sleeping and this is all a really fun dream. Jasmine pokes her head out of the bedroom as Jabbar buys in, offering to go back to bed and make believe he never saw Crosby.

Steve visits Amber on the job at the country club, looking for a shoulder to cry on. Amber doesn't want to talk about Haddie, but finally admits she advised her to do whatever she thinks is right in the moment. Steve's impressed with Amber's emotional IQ, which she admits is the result of her broken home. Amber thinks Steve's parents seem normal, but Steve confesses that his father was diagnosed with MS last year, which he's never told anyone, not even Haddie. Amber's read that some MS sufferers find therapeutic relief in horseback riding. It seems like a connection is starting to take root until Steve asks Amber to give Haddie a message for him. Telling Steve to deal with his own stuff, Amber gets back to work.

Sarah stops by the warehouse to tell Adam about her pawnshop discovery. Adam admits he knew Zeek was in financial trouble and made him promise to tell Camille, which he obviously didn't. Sarah's upset that Adam didn't tell her, but Adam's more upset about the Reggie Jackson baseball, which he'd hoped to inherit one day. Julia's all smiles on the soccer field, now that Jabbar's on her team - after all, what's wrong with a little winning, especially when it's over Raquel's team? Jasmine brings up the fun dream incident from the other night; maybe it's time to call off their "fooling around." Crosby can't believe she would call what they're doing "fooling around," but he doesn't know what else to call it.

Steve stops by to visit Amber at the country club. The good news - his dad thinks the horseback riding thing is a good idea; the bad news - Steve realizes he was a real jerk to Haddie. It's like he was making appointments with her so he could lose his virginity. It was the whole thing Amber said about feeling in the moment, and right now, in the moment, he's not feeling the way he did with Haddie... Claiming she's gotta go, Amber runs off.

The four Braverman siblings and their mates gather at Adam's house. Adam and Sarah tell them about Zeek's debt and the pawnshop. A plan is laid: just the six of them will gather at their parents' house for dinner to tell Camille the truth. On the day in question, Adam drives as everyone argues over how to stage the intervention. Adam has written some Dr. Phil-like sop for Crosby, who's always awkward in these situations. Adam settles the argument. When he starts talking about the economy, it's go time.

The dinner goes from awkward to excruciating when Adam turns the subject to the economy, and Crosby inadvertently charges into Adam's canned speech about unconditional love and support. Zeek knows the cat's out of the bag, and confesses to his bad real estate investment. It's clear that Camille could care less about the money; she knows this secret is merely the tip of Zeek's iceberg. Camille thanks her kids and tearfully bolts from the table as Zeek makes a beeline for his truck. Meanwhile, Amber and Steve share a slow dance during a goofy costume ball at the country club.

Crosby and Jasmine tuck Jabbar into bed. When Jabbar asks if Crosby's sleeping over, Jasmine says no. Out in the living room, Crosby admits he's done a lot of research into fooling around, and it's not what he's doing. He wants to be with her. Crosby's been through a lot with his parents, so Jasmine wants to give it some time and see what happens. In the meantime, does Crosby feel like having a sleepover? Oh yes, he definitely does.

Camille steps into Zeek's office to speak with Sarah, who thanks her for buying a new computer, and apologizes for the intervention. Camille explains that they've had money problems before. The issue is Zeek doesn't respect her enough to tell her what's happening... and there was a woman up north. Camille has been covering for Zeek for years, telling herself she was doing it for the kids, which is only partly true. Now Sarah knows, and she's not to tell the others.

Camille turns her attention to Sarah's work - how's the Photoshop going? Sarah almost hides the computer screen from her mother, since it contains a project for school: a photographic collage of their family, with Zeek and Camille at its heart. Meanwhile, Adam and Kristina have set up another family playdate, and they're back at the Lessings. Noel's still rolling around and Suze's singing some crazy folk tunes with her guitar, but this time, the Bravermans are having fun. Later, Adam answers the door, only to find his father standing on the front porch with an overnight bag...






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