Episode 1.05 : Touched by an Anglo

  • Outsourced
    • Episode Premiere : October 21, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/outsourced/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Todd attempts to explain the latest novelty samples to arrive from the U.S.: risque goodies for those participating in a bachelorette party. There's edible underwear, whistles, hats, penis-shaped favors, and more. The team doesn't really understand the concept of a bachelorette party, but Manmeet is more than intrigued. He's so excited, he accidentally shoots a phallic dart that lands squarely in Madhuri's forehead.

Todd's concerned some of the items for sale may be too explicit for this call center team. He consults with his boss Jerry in the U.S. who tells him he must give his team the official sexual harassment seminar ASAP. He fears a lawsuit. Todd dutifully shows the team the approved videos and tries to explain where the boundaries are in the U.S. workplace. But acts that are deemed appropriate in America apparently are still out of bounds in India. Even scenes of kissing are considered pornographic. Todd lets them all know that if anything makes them feel uncomfortable in the workplace, they're encouraged to call Mid America Novelties corporate complaint hotline.

Rajiv corners Todd in the breakroom. He's been listening to Todd's voicemail and reports that Jerry left a message saying someone has already complained on the corporate hotline. Todd wants the culprit brought to justice. Rajiv agrees, especially since the complaint is about Todd.

Todd calls Jerry at home to find out who complained. Jerry won’t tell him who complained, but is sternly clear with him: figure this out before you find yourself in a room full of lawyers.

Todd's curiosity is killing him. He knows in his heart he hasn't intentionally harassed anyone; he addresses the whole group and encourages anyone who is offended to come forward so he can learn what he's doing that's upsetting others. Rajiv, smelling an opportunity to get his boss fired, is already plotting Todd's goodbye.

Todd seeks out Charlie for some guidance. Charlie explains that when it comes to sex, India is a country of conflicts: kissing in public is forbidden, but it's the birthplace of the Kama Sutra, for example. He says there's no understanding it. Tonya stops by and is intrigued that Todd might be a bad boy after all.

Todd's determined to find out who's complained. Using a variety of disguised voices, he places a series of calls to various team members trying to trick them into revealing whether they've got a boss who is harassing them. But it doesn't work. No one is forthcoming. He implores Rajiv to tell him who's complaining, but Rajiv reveals nothing.

Todd theorizes that it's Madhuri who's complaining, so he talks to her on his call monitor headset. He tells her that he won’t be subjecting her to any more inappropriate videos or behaviors. She's relieved - she was the one complaining. Todd's also relieved and pats Madhuri on the shoulder in a friendly gesture of reconciliation. But the hands-on approach is exactly what Madhuri has been complaining about all along. She does not want to be touched. She promptly calls the complaint hotline again. Todd remains clueless.

Manmeet has been overpowered by the nasty smell coming form a nearby street vendor, who happens to be Gupta's cousin. His solution is to pimp out the cart and convince Gupta's cousin to move to another neighborhood, much to the satisfaction of everyone in the office.

Todd fields yet another angry phone call from Jerry; the complaints are putting his career at serious risk. Todd quickly gets off the phone, exasperated. Asha finds him pacing worriedly in the break room and asks what's wrong. He confesses he's lost in India, that his lack of local knowledge is driving him crazy and now he is in danger of losing it all. He absent-mindedly taps one of his workers, Pinky, on the shoulder. Asha identifies it as the offending behavior. Todd's incredulous: in America a simple pat or tap is nothing. That's not the case in India, Asha explains. Todd realizes how often he does it. But there's another wrinkle. Asha wonders why Todd has been touching everyone else – and not her. Todd's mystified, but Asha laughs it off, giving Todd a friendly tap on the shoulder.

Realizing his transgressions, Todd calls the office team together. He apologizes and promises he will stop touching. Trying to make light of the situation, he picks up a multi-armed figurine off a desk and explains that it could've been worse. It could have been this guy who was all hands, he jokes. The office is appalled. Todd has just made fun of Lakshmi, a Hindu goddess.

Later, Todd enters the break room and says hello to Madhuri, being careful not to pat her on the shoulder. She nods, but something is wrong. She's eating grapes and apparently one has become lodged in her throat. She's choking! Todd's terrified. He wants to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, but knows that it was Midhuri whom he made most uncomfortable by his touching. He asks her if it's OK to squeeze her and she nods yes – just as Rajiv happens upon the scene and snaps a picture, which he happily send to Jerry back at the head office.






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