The New Normal

Episode 1.04 : Obama Mama

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : September 25, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The guys stop by to drop off Goldie's mail and are horrified to find her devouring a fast food hamburger. Organic groceries in hand, David rattles off all the devastating effects of processed food. But eating habits aside, they've also paid a visit to drop off her mail, including her ballot for the crucial battleground state of Ohio. Shania mentions that her school is having a mock election, and that she'll likely be voting for Obama, unlike her mother. The guys are incredulous: Goldie, a Republican?!

Nana catches word that the guys are trying to sway Goldie's political opinions, and she is absolutely not having it. She storms Bryan and David's home, telling them to stay out of Goldie's head (which she has worked very hard to shape). It turns into classic Democrat versus Republican battle, with Bryan finally concluding that Nana simply doesn't like Obama because he's black. Let's face it - Nana's a racist! Nana retorts with a thought-provoking rebuttal: isn't it more racist to vote for a black man simply because he's black? She then goes on to mention that the guys probably don't even have any black friends. Bryan claims that absolutely isn't true; they have "oodles" of black friends, who will be at their party on Friday.

Because of Bryan's rash actions, Bryan and David are left with no choice but to throw together a last-minute party on Friday. There's only one problem... they actually DON'T have any black friends. Bryan invites his assistant Rocky, telling her to bring all of her friends in hopes of getting his black-to-white ratio up. Later, when the party's under way, Bryan's in quite a pickle when all of Rocky's friends are white! In a last-ditch effort, he tell the black caterer and aspiring actor to "play the role of his close friend" just to prove Jane wrong when she arrives. But he completely overacts, going in a completely absurd "black Frasier" direction.

Goldie meets Clint, Rocky's brother (who, thankfully for Bryan and David, IS black) and the two instantly hit it off. She tells a white lie about how she knows the guys, obviously not ready to give away her pregnancy, in addition to claiming her single status (technically she's still married to Clay). Nana is horrified by their flirtation and determined to do something to nip this development in the bud.

Crafty Nana suggests to the guys that they announce that they're expecting; with all their friends and loved ones gathered, it's the perfect occasion! The guys decide to go ahead and make the announcement, also revealing that Goldie is their surrogate. Clint's shocked by this news when Nana decides to drop a few other bombs: she has a nine-year-old child, and she's married. Whoops! An emotional Goldie leaves the dinner table in a huff.

As the party winds down, the conversation turns back to politics, again. Nana is shocked to learn that Clint is a Republican; she thought black Republicans were mythical creatures. Additionally, the caterer finally breaks character, announcing that his catering shift ended an hour ago, and this is all getting way too weird. Nana smugly celebrates her victory. But at this juncture, the important thing is to track down Goldie.

The gang finds Goldie holed up in the booth of a fast food joint, drowning her sorrows in a burger and fries. But the guys' announcement isn't the real reason she's crying; she just found out that Clay is suing Goldie for custody, and she has to take Shania back to Ohio.

Later, the guys and Goldie take Shania to her mock election where she casts her vote. Despite their curiosity, Goldie still refuses to tell the guys her vote: isn't that the point of a true democracy? The guys then admit that they may be a little close-minded and it would be nice to have more diversity in their lives, especially now that they're bringing a baby into the world. Goldie helps them out, introducing the guys to a black and Asian couple who are also expecting a baby. They're thrilled to score a dinner date with a bi-racial couple; little do they know that the couple is equally ecstatic to finally have some gay friends!

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