Episode 5.08 : Truth Be Told

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : March 30, 2009
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A young couple, Julie and Michael, appear on a game show called "Truth Be Told" where a buzzer goes off every time the person in the hot seat lies. Julie and Michael are watching the show on TV with some friends, Paul and Lindsay, when they hear a suspicious noise coming from outside. The two husbands decide to go outside and see what it was, but while they are gone, the two women are approached by a masked man with a gun.

At home, Allison, dreaming about the women in the house, awakes to Joe watching a horror flick on TV. While getting ready to take the girls to school the next morning, Ariel asks her mom if it's okay for her to stay at a friend's house that weekend. When Allison asks her some probing questions, a loud buzzer goes off when Ariel answers, but no one else can hear it. Allison doesn't understand what it means.

When Joe arrives at work, he is served with legal paperwork. Allison arrives at a crime scene, the cabin from her dreams. When she walks inside she notices the deceased are the husband-and-wife pair, Paul and Lindsay, whom Allison saw in her dream the previous night. However, the other couple, Julie and Michael, are nowhere to be found. Scanlon reports that the sheriff's department is convinced it was a robbery gone bad.

Allison describes the interracial couple from her dream, Julie and Michael, to Devalos and Scanlon hoping they will be able to get more information. At home later that day, Joe explains to Allison that he is being sued by a guy, Terry, whom he used to supervise at AeroDyTech, a company he previously work for. Joe thinks it's absurd that this man is accusing him of stealing an idea that he's certain is his own.

While in the kitchen, Ariel asks Allison again about the sleepover. Allison, still hesitant, tells Ariel that she will call her friend's mother to make sure she is fine with the arrangement. Ariel quickly reacts and tells her there is no reason to do that; her friend's mother is fine with it. Allison hears the buzzing sound again and realizes it's been going off when her children are lying.

Allison gets a call from Scanlon to come down to the station. The couple that was asked to come in and identify the victims met Allison's description of Julie and Michael. Allison brings the couple in for questioning. Paul and Michael were business partners, and the women friends. Julie and Michael claim they hadn't spent time with Paul and Lindsay in months. As they're leaving, Michael says they are happy to help with any part of the investigation. Allison's buzzer goes off.

Allison confides in Joe about the buzzer in her head. She asks him if he thinks she's crazy. He says, "No," but the buzzer goes off. Annoyed, Allison turns over, goes to sleep and her dream continues. There are now two masked men in the cabin with Julie, Michael, Paul and Lindsay. The four of them are tied up with the two gunmen threatening them.

Allison awakes from her dream after seeing Julie taken into a room by one of the masked men and her husband knocked out with a blow to the head. She starts piecing things together. What she saw in her dream she thinks happened six months ago. That there was a home invasion and that Julie was raped.

Joe is approached at work by an attorney. He shows Joe Terry's deposition. Terry explains that there is a piece of paper with a description of the idea Joe allegedly stole. The paper has a note and Joe's initials; however Joe doesn't recall ever getting a sheet of paper with the information currently being shown to him.

Devalos has called in Julie and Michael to ask them questions pertaining to Allison's dream. Each question that they answer, Allison hears the buzzer. Allison asks Devalos to push Julie and Michael on their answers, but Devalos has already pushed too far.

At home, Joe fills Allison in on his meeting with the attorney. When Joe mentions that he is certain he didn't steal his solar idea from this man suing him, Allison knows he is telling the truth because the buzzer in her head didn't go off. Joe decides to show Allison the tape of his deposition in hopes she will hear the buzzer, but unfortunately Allison doesn't.

Allison continues her dream that night and sees Julie, after she was raped, hit the man over the head, grab his gun and shoot him. The other armed man goes into the hallway to find out what happened, but sees Julie pointing the gun at him. She shoots him. Allison wakes up from her dream.

Allison tells Devalos and Scanlon about her dream, but they stop her, letting her know that the DNA at the scene matches two men that have long records of breaking and entering. When they show Allison their photos, she is convinced they are the men Julie killed after being attacked.

In another dream, Allison sees how the rest of the evening played out after Julie was attacked. Paul opened the bag the two men had with them. It contained one million dollars. Paul figured that the men were already dead, why call the police when they can keep the money, and not put Julie through all the horrors of a trial. Then, in what appears to be the recent past, Allison sees Michael return home to Julie covered in dirt.

Michael explains that he went to Paul asking for a larger share of the million they'd split. When Paul and Lindsay didn't agree, Michael killed them to get the money, using the gun he'd kept from the robbery. He even dug up the men they buried six months back, and put on their clothes and their shoes to make it appear they killed Paul and Lindsay.

After waking from her dream, Allison pays Julie a visit, demanding information about her attackers' murders, and then Paul and Lindsay. Allison later tells Scanlon to hire bloodhounds to find the graves of the two men behind Paul and Lindsay's cabin. Scanlon, upset with Allison for speaking to Julie, later apologizes as her, as she was correct all along. The bloodhounds found the grave and the two bodies.

Joe, trying to find a way to discredit the man suing him, shows Allison the deposition tape again. After Allison suggests to Joe that the paper in the tape might not be the paper he was given, Joe decides to confront Terry. The next day, Joe shows Terry the original sheet, the one that Terry did in fact give him at AreoDyTech, but it isn't the sheet with all the details. Joe asks him if he used a check washing system to get his handwriting and notes on the sheet, and suggests that if Terry wants to keep any part of his good reputation, he'd better rethink his lawsuit.

Allison, Devalos and Scanlon all question Julie and Michael about the two men that were found in graves behind Paul and Lindsay's cabin. After several questions, Michael confesses to killing them, and then confesses to killing the other two men despite Julie's involvement. After confessing, Michael also provides information on the location of the murder weapon. Julie lets him take the fall.






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