Episode 5.02 : Things to Do in Phoenix When You're Dead

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : February 09, 2009
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Allison wakes from a dream about a young man dying in a hospital. Later, she dreams about a businessman having sex with a woman in his car. He squeezes her neck; she tells him "that's enough" but he only squeezes harder. She struggles, scratches him, then passes out. At first, he thinks she's faking or just wants more money, but then realizes he's killed her. In the front seat sits the same man Allison saw die in the hospital. He watches the man throw the woman in a ditch. She stirs and gasps. Instead of leaving, the businessman bashes her head in with a rock.

Next morning, Allison calls Scanlon to tell him about her dream. Ariel is excited to find out who she's having a baby with in wellness class. Joe is taken aback, so Ariel explains that all the sophomores have to take care of a lifelike baby doll for a week with a marriage partner chosen by the teacher. She hopes to end up with someone she likes as a husband. Allison agrees that helps. On TV, news breaks about a woman, identified as Kimberly Weeks, who was found bludgeoned to death in Finley Park. Scanlon is already on the scene.

Allison goes to the murder scene and confirms it's the woman in her dream. She describes the killer to Scanlon and says Kimberly scratched his face so there's probably a wealth of DNA under her fingers. Scanlon doubts they'll find much of anything, and shows Allison why. Kimberly's fingernails have been removed. Allison sees the man from her dream standing among spectators and approaches him. She asks if he's okay. He says nothing, and looks surprised when she wants to talk to him about what he witnessed, and even more so when she says she can see people like him.

At school, as the screaming lifelike dolls cry, the teacher assigns couples and gives them their babies. Ashley gets paired with the "Unabomber," a nerdy kid in a hoodie sweatshirt. Ariel's partner is Adam Mankowicz, a cute athlete whom she's clearly smitten with. He offers to take the doll for the first shift, and then says he has an away game on Tuesday. He asks if Ariel can take her for the next two nights. She agrees.

Allison waits for the ghost but he doesn't show. At home, she scans mug shots as Joe says Ariel's decorating her notebook with "Mrs. Ariel Mankowicz." The killer isn't in the mug shots, not surprisingly since he looked like an executive. She's curious why the ghost didn't help her. Later, she dreams of the killer, who has bandages on his face, arriving at work. He gets a call from a woman who won't identify herself, who says she saw what he did and wants $500,000 to keep quiet. She instructs him to open an incentive inside an envelope on his desk. He recoils, seeing it's one of Kimberly's fingernails.

The next day, Allison tells Devalos and Scanlon about the blackmailer in her dream. They reveal that Kimberly was a college student, working as a call girl to pay her tuition. And, the blackmailer must have witnessed the crime. If they find her, she can lead them to the killer. At school, Ariel takes over baby duties from Adam, who said the baby woke him up four times last night. When she holds the baby, Ariel suddenly becomes dizzy and drops it. Adam, concerned, asks if she's okay. Ariel, who almost appears drunk, tells him to put the baby in her bag. Reluctantly, he does.

Allison tells Joe the latest developments in the case as Ariel's wellness doll screams from another room. They tell Ariel to tend to the doll and are surprised when they see Brigitte carrying it. Brigitte says Ariel is paying her a dollar an hour to baby-sit. Appalled, Joe says to give it back to Ariel. Later, Allison dreams of the blackmailer making the same phone call to the killer. This time, she sees her face. In front of her are several plastic baggies, each holding one of Kimberly's fingernails. Allison sees that the ghost is standing there with her.

Next morning, Allison searches the obituaries for her ghost. Not finding anything, she goes to the hospital, which has no records of anyone matching his description who recently passed away. In the hospital playground, she sees the ghost and approaches him, saying she understands how tough it must be for him to adjust to his mortality. He's just as confused as last time, especially when Allison insists he witnessed Kimberly's murder and the blackmail of her killer. His daughter runs to him, revealing he's very much alive. He excuses himself, says he has no idea what she's talking about and is performing surgery soon.

Allison tells Devalos that her ghost is really Dr. Brian Seward, who is alive. She gives him a sketch of the blackmailing woman, but doesn't want him to release it because she doubts the accuracy of her dreams. Later, Ariel's "baby" screams as Joe tries to make a business call. He finds Ariel listening to headphones, ignoring the baby. When he confronts her about it, she appears loopy and high. He asks if everything is okay. Dreamily, she says she feels really good, but just wants to eat and sleep all the time. She goes to the kitchen, craving chips.

As they're getting into bed, Joe tells Allison about Ariel's demeanor. From the hallway, Ariel shrieks. She saw a man in a white coat standing at their bedroom door, listening to Joe and Allison's conversation. She says when she screamed, he disappeared. They search the house, but don't find him. Joe says he's concerned about Ariel. Allison thinks the man that she saw might have been Seward. Joe doesn't think so, as Allison said that Seward wasn't dead. He tells her to keep an eye on Ariel.

Allison dreams of the murder again. As he did last time, Seward witnesses it. He checks his watch, the seconds counting down to zero. He says out loud, "Okay Victoria, it's time." Back in the hospital, Victoria, the woman who made the blackmailing phone call, checks her watch and shocks Seward back to life with a defibrillator. Victoria asks if he saw something good, someone rich doing something really bad. Seward smiles and says he saw a gold mine. Allison wakes.

Allison confronts Seward about killing himself to run the blackmailing scheme. She warns him to stay away from her family. Seward reveals he's dying from a brain tumor. One time his heart stopped and he realized he could go anywhere and see anyone before being shocked back to life. With two years to live, he wants the money for his family to pay off his tuition, mortgage and daughter's college education. Allison says what he's doing is dangerous and illegal, and threatens to bring a case against him. He asks for a deal; he'll give her the fingernails and killer's name after he receives the blackmail money. Allison reluctantly agrees.

On the way to school, Ariel tells Joe she has no idea why she spaced out last night. Now, she's feeling fine. However, when they park and she picks up the baby, she becomes dizzy and loopy again. Joe takes it from her and all of a sudden she's fine. He takes the baby to Adam and tells him his eyes look a little red. Adam blames that on allergies, but Joe calls his bluff and confronts him about smoking pot. He tells Adam he's raising the kid alone until the project ends, or he'll tell his parents about his "allergies."

On television, news breaks about the arrest of Kimberly's killer, attorney Patrick Davidson. Allison dreams about Victoria convincing Seward to do another blackmail. This time, they'll pick someone of no interest to the D.A.'s office so it won't grab their attention. She says the "fortune teller" Allison will never now. Allison wakes, then dreams of Seward spying on a rich banker and his mistress. The seconds tick down, but this time Victoria doesn't revive him. In the hospital, Victoria watches Seward die. Allison wakes, gasping for air.

In a diner in the middle of the desert, Allison surprises Victoria by introducing herself as the fortune teller. Victoria asks how Allison knew she was going to be there. Allison says Brian told her, and that she knows she killed him. Victoria feigns ignorance, saying Seward killed himself. Allison says they'll never get her for his murder, but Brian told her Victoria was driving to Mexico with the money in the trunk. And, that she keeps a magnetized key on her car, all of which Allison told Mrs. Seward. Victoria looks outside to see Seward's wife driving away with the money. Allison says Brian will be watching her. Always.






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